A Midlife Woman Is Unstoppable

woman-unstoppable-deserves-betterYou’re unstoppable. Definitely. Especially when you think it’s all going downhill and younger women are taking over the planet, your mind is going south, you can’t remember your kid’s teacher’s name, if you’ve mailed the mortgage payment or it’s on autopay, “what-the-heck-was-I-thinking starting a business at my age?” or “screw it, I’m done!”.

Especially then.

If you’re in a rut right now, if you’re stuck and hurting and scared as hell to take a step forward…the ONE remedy, the thing that really works is: to do the thing you’re the most frightened of doing.

Trust that the net, the friends, the new community, job or place to live or whatever else will rise to catch you as you soar out over what might look like empty space.

The way towards freedom, towards better-than-this is not empty. It’s just so very full of your negative projections of doom you can’t see what’s really there: friendly faces and loving, gentle hands. Catching you. Whether you know them now, or they are blessings yet-to-come, they will catch you, and raise you up.

They are there. Waiting for you to step up. I am living proof of this. I stepped into the Void, with nothing but Trust and the net – finely woven of people I knew and resources, situations and people I had yet to meet – arose and supported me as they do all who journey bravely into the Unknown.

That infinitely strong and resilient net will emerge at just the right time to support you too.  Just step.


Step again.


*photo: David Avocado Wolfe

“Thanks Mom” Invite To The Comfort Code Webinar Series for Permanent Problem Resolution

Make-It-HappenAs a Mother’s Day Bonus…I’m inviting you to free training this Friday on doing impossible things like ending pain, because without my Mom I never would have walked again. People like her are one of the keys to ending pain that I’ll be sharing this Friday. I’ll also share how I came blissfully through my recent surgery without sedation, and how to use the ETHOS Method in my new Comfort Code to transform any situation – even make therapies you enjoy like hypnosis, EFT tapping and others, work much better and more long lasting.

WHEN: This FRIDAY, May 15th at 10am Pacific, 12pm Eastern,

WHAT: We begin this exciting training series on how to jetpack any result or change you want, by looking at how to handle physical and emotional pain. I’m drawing both from my years of experience as a paraplegic rehabbing back to mobility, how I endured recent back surgery without sedation and the results of helping scores of clients do likewise. There will be a replay so sign up even if you can’t make it.

THE SURPRISE: If you’ve been trying and trying to get past a problem, quit a habit or make a new healthy habit stick, if you’ve tapped for years, done regular meditation, intentions, done therapy or hypnosis, especially if you’ve read and tried to apply all the self-help books in the bookstore and it’s still not working or you get results that aren’t permanent – cheer up! It’s absolutely NOT your fault. You simply lack knowledge of the way in which human beings encode their experience, and the structure that works with that encoding, to ensure transformations cause permanent, lasting change. You’ll learn that, in the Comfort Code.

SHORT ‘n SWEET: We’re keeping it to half an hour, and if you want to go further, there will be an option for that too.

Register free right now, here:

Surgery Without Sedation: The Update

healthSo what happened on Tuesday morning was a minor spinal epidural procedure to check nerve damage from stenosing of the disks and foraminal spaces. I was in an auto accident that broke my back, shattering the spinous process of a vertebra, and left me a paraplegic 27 years ago. I later re-grew the spinous process as I specialize in doing the impossible. (yes, you damn well can)

I overcame the paralysis to get out of bed in four years and have been fully mobile for the last nineteen.

This procedure (which falls short of actual “back surgery”) will give the doc a better idea of what’s going on inside several of the vertebrae with cool digital pics, plus relieve foraminal pressure on the sciatic nerve so my leg doesn’t go numb and become hard to use when walking upright on hard ground like concrete. Uphill hiking in my beloved redwood forest is now my fave activity…the angle my body bends at is comforting to the back.  🙂

Despite a vigorous lobbying campaign, mostly by the floor nurses, I refused the general anaesthesia they urged me to have. I allowed only a local to numb the skin at the incision sites, but could feel the deep body stuff…which was actually kind of cool. I used my ETHOS Method, NLP processes, chanting and meditation to render it all an “interesting experience” without pain. This is a process I will be teaching in the next few weeks – watch for the class announcement!

Last night, 12 hours after the procedure, I was doing minor house work, profoundly glad for all the hamstring stretching and endless squats, slams and lifting my trainer is doing with me in the gym and I’m doing at home. They’ve enabled me to bend low at home without any pain or dysfunction. I have had only what could be described as a very mild headache in my lower back that the doctor and all the nursing personnel told me is great but rare, as nearly everyone has intense pain for several days.

Nuh-uh. Nope. Not going there.



Just say “no” to Thought Viruses. This is when someone, often in a position of authority like a doctor, tries to impose their beliefs on you. They are doing it with a sincerely positive intention, so you accept how they say things will happen, and then manifest the other person’s beliefs in your body, life or business.

In fact, infinite possibilities for the outcome you want are available, if you will only choose them and stick to what you choose. But…Thought Viruses are pervasive, insidious and so insistent they tend to slip in under our radar to full acceptance before we know what’s happening.

If that’s a positive thing then great! Positive, endorsing Thought Viruses are what we need more of. Look to your coach, therapist, spiritual advisor or conscious business leaders to provide PTV’s consistently and without attachment to the outcome.

Unfortunately, most Thought Viruses are of the negative variety, like “you will never succeed” or the one I heard recently: “this procedure always brings days of intense pain, you’d better have general anaesthesia, everyone else does.”

Here’s a good reply to that and what I told the persistent nurses: “Dude, I am so NOT “everyone else”. Please get that and stop laying your belief story (a.k.a. “BS”) on me. The outcome you predict is only one of millions. I choose health, bliss, vitality and comfort of my bodymind. Please endorse this outcome as my doctor, nurse, therapist, family member or concerned friend. Thank you.”

Busting these kinds of Thought Virus infections in myself and my clients is one of my favorite occupations. Free your mind! Love that. 🙂

All too often we’re unaware of when we’ve been infected by a Thought Virus, but if you are in pain, have a persistent issue over and over or problems in business or relationships, Thought Viruses and their hallmark Limiting Beliefs are definitely at work.

Find them! Root them out, challenge your belieds about how things “just are”, “always have been” or “must be”. Best thing you can ever do for yourself – and a large part of what kept me pain free in the hospital and after.

* Again, if you’re interested in more help on this, stay tuned, I have a “how-to” webinar for you coming up soon. 🙂

This experience was one of the most fun things I have done all month. I met so many awesome people, was cared for tenderly and with joy and converted a family in the waiting room to energy therapies.

I was on my way out and home around 1pm but stayed another hour or so comforting a family who was most likely losing a family member in serious surgery. I taught them to tap, bore witness to their stories of what happened and just sat with them, tapping and listening. I taught them a bit of ETHOS and the kids in particular loved stepping aside into their “cat suit” Infinite Selves. I wanted to go home but….worth it. Worth it.

They thought I was a hospital counselor and were shocked to learn I was an exiting patient, who had just had minor surgery. But then I shared with them how much helping them healed me, and they got it.

A Truth: If you are hurting, messed up or in pain, help someone else and watch it all dissolve.

It is now 36 hours past the surgery and the 2 timy incisions have reduced to near invisible pinpricks. I slept most of today, ate very lightly as I was not hungry, and drank a lot of water. I feel good, and will be taking it easy tomorrow, but am basically already healed.

Thank you for your prayers, good vibes and well wishes. I am profoundly grateful for everyone’s awesome support. You rock! We both rock! Much love to you… ♡♡♡

Breast Cancer Health Tip & Organic Deodorant Update

10384197_10152543830261264_6563328698896303912_nOrNourish Organic Deodorant, Weleda Rose Deodorantganic Deodorant fans, after 14 years of making my own very effective coconut oil based deodorant to avoid the breast-cancer causing aluminum and other compounds in commercial products, I discovered this combo:

Weleda Wild Rose deodorant spray


Nourish Organic Fresh & Dry in Almond Vanilla scent

They work together astonishingly well to kill odor with a beautiful light scent for up to sixteen hours.

Don’t believe the negative reviews of Nourish on Amazon though I will tell you that sometimes the ingredients crystallize out and can be a bit scratchy to apply. If this is a problem, (the main ingredient is coconut oil which can get hard in winter), simply warm the top of the container with a hair dryer for a few seconds and it will go on like silk.

Weleda is mostly essential oils and essential oil derivatives, such as geraniol from rose geranium oil, citral from grapefruit seed extract, eugenol from clove oil and the like, in a water and alcohol base.

I spray that on first and follow with Nourish, which is coconut oil and shea butter based and has no aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens or any other health-compromising ingredients.

Follow with a dusting of cornstarch baby powder and you’re ready to go!

Several fragrances of both brands can be found at Whole Foods and other healthfood stores, and are worth the steep price for the health gains you get, but are much cheaper on Amazon and other herbal product sites around the web.


Of Shame and Symptoms

Menopause LaneThere is nothing shameful about menopause. It is a time of triumph and freedom, of accomplishment, of knowledge gained, marinated and harvested, to be shared, to enrich and benefit the world. Whether your mission is to raise an awesome healthy family, finally write your book, start a new career or chair a multinational charity — as a woman powerfully coming into her own at midlife, you have strength, experience and knowledge the world desperately needs right now.

Sometimes however, we feel ashamed of growing older, of skin that no longer looks young and bodies whose functions are changing in difficult and sometimes intensely upsetting ways. I felt that way when the Midlife Shift began for me, and everyone from friends and clients to professional colleagues have shared — often in great secrecy — that behind their everyday smiles, they’ve felt the same. And this secret shame caused us all to collapse in on ourselves and hoard our energy, witholding our brilliance, feeling small, irrelevant and down on ourselves.

When power is dammed up by hoarding our wisdom and energy, it can manifest as hot flashes. For many of us these “power surges” are a sign that there’s a stopper in our machinery somewhere.

When I had hot flashes I asked myself where I was hoarding and then shared my wisdom and energy, un-damming the flow. With the flow re-established (and a little of my own special mojo applied), the hot flashes went away.

Evolutionary Question:  Where are you holding back, and where can you un-dam your flow of wisdom and energy? How can you release into the place of peace that awaits?

You can start right here by giving your sisters the benefit of your wisdom, below. Comment and share your brilliance with us!