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Maryam Webster is is a popular San Francisco, California area inspirational speaker, best selling self-help author, psychologist and health coach. She helps women in the Power Years 45-65 to ditch unhappy situations, and to launch new lives and joyful heart-based businesses when they find themselves thinking “Is this all there is? There must be something more meaningful I can do with my life…” Through a highly customized blend of her own unique transformative processes, Maryam helps her clients realize the amazing power, wisdom and potential they have at this point in their lives, and coaches them in creating world changing businesses that help and heal  both their owners and the world…especially when it all seems impossible.

Teaching herself to walk again after being hit by a drunk driver, then years as a paraplegic with doctors predicting permanent paralysis, plus regenerating destroyed bones and nerves, and losing over 100 pounds gained while she was  bedridden are only some of the many ways Maryam has done the “impossible” in her own life. She literally walks her talk, tells it like it is and leaves listeners with a new reframe of “impossible”, changing it to “I’m Possible”.

Specializing in easy to use methods for change and personal growth and drawing on her thirty year career as a psychologist, health and business coach, Maryam developed the fast-acting ETHOS Method which brings both increased Consciousness and Healing, and custom crafts transformational processes for everyone she works with. In private life, Maryam is a yoga enthusiast, comfy shoeist, momcat and nature lover.

WomnSpkrAssnAssocmemberlowres-266x300Maryam’s lively presentations and humorous outlook leave audiences laughing, wanting more and talking about what they learned months down the line. Listeners leave with immediately-usable tools for personal change, whether the subject is menopausal symptom relief, massive weightloss, recovery from catastrophe – healing injury, spiritual or social crisis, or any other way your listeners seek to overcome the serious and often devastating changes and transitions life brings them.

A veteran interviewer herself, Maryam has produced eight telesummits and speaker series on topics in motivation, heart-based marketing, alternative health, spirituality and daily personal evolution. Listeners leave with immediately-usable tools for personal change, whether the subject is menopausal symptom relief, massive weightloss, recovery from catastrophe, or healing injury, spiritual or social crisis, or any other way your listeners seek to “Do The Impossible”.

You can find out more about Maryam at her bio page. 

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Short Bio:

Author, business coach and energy psychologist Maryam Webster turned a thirty year psychology and coaching career and a history of regaining mobility from years as a paraplegic and losing over 120 pounds, into “Every Woman Changes” – a company that empowers midlife women to create powerful new lives and businesses, and literally “Do The Impossible”. Maryam is a popular San Francisco Bay Area inspirational speaker and multiply published author whose books include the Amazon best seller “Everyday Bliss for Busy Women” and her forthcoming “The Comfort Code”.

Event Planner Notes

Maryam’s name is pronounced “MARE-ee-um”, with the accent on the first syllable.

Maryam speaks on the topics of creating amazing turnarounds for women in relationships and personal life, and  heart-based businesses that help and heal. She specializes in low-tech elimination of the annoying symptoms of menopause, stress-reduction and exquisite self-care for maximum health. Maryam speaks locally in the San Francisco Bay Area, by virtual event worldwide and at out of area conferences and events.

If you are booking a conference or live Women’s Event, you might want to offer a highly customized experience. Women everywhere have adored Maryam’s “Everyday Bliss Stress-Busting Workshop”, which you can read more about here.

Potential Interview Topics Include:

  • Why midlife women should create a hHart-Based Business that truly serves, and really works
  • How to Eliminate Menopause Symptoms and Move into a Joyous, Juicy Second Life
  • Dating after Divorce & Other Strange Creatures
  • Finding Your North Star When the Rug Has Been Pulled Out From Under You
  • High Perfomance Success with the Secret Weapon Your Competitors Don’t Have


Maryam’s Books & CDs & DVDs

LYLA-tinyThe 3-DVD set Love Your Life Again (ISBN #0-9761085-5-0)  features Maryam in Paris at a charming Parisian grandmother’s house, with her in-town energy psychology community. Princes, princesses and freedom of flight result! In DVD 1, you will explore the underpinnings of falling out of love with your life and learn how to turn it around with the 12 Keys To Bliss. In DVD 2, the secrets of Maryam’s Certified Energy Coaches are shared for the first time to the public, forming a compact mental and emotional energy management program. In DVD 3, you’ll experience Maryam’s madcap ride through Paris, the full ETHOS Method class, “when the ash-cloud spewed” and the bonus featurette, “Deux Musees du Paris”.


12-Keys-SmallEarlier works in the same vein are: The Twelve Keys To Bliss CD (ISBN# 0-9761085-4-2) -which contains twelve audio journeys through each of the Bliss Blockers and guides you through how to employ each of the Bliss Keys to eliminate them. A bonus “Emergency 911!” track helps out when you’re in immediate upset.


edb coverxsmEveryday Bliss For Busy Women (ISBN# 1-57224-567-9), was the first mass marketed book by a major publisher (New Harbinger) to highlight energy therapies for the women’s spa and alternative healing center market. 


Maryam’s five minute AM Energizers and PM Harmonizers “energy hygiene” routines are what keep she and her energy coaches strong, healthy and with a notable lack of illness when all others are catching every cold and virus out there.

These and a set of other very easy to implement practices are highlighted with the 12 Keys to Bliss and a guided self-coaching program to ease you back into a wonderful life. It’s been on women’s “must have” lists for several years now, available at


qfbookiconfinalQuantum Flow Bioenergetics: Be Your Own Healer (ISBN# 0-9761085-3-4) – was the first ever book to highlight all the recent new energy therapies in 2004, bringing them to public attention beyond the realm of psychotherapy and the alternative healing mileu. This is a classic, available now as an ebook only and you’ll find here some of the branches and twigs of the energy therapy world no longer mentioned, but still sound and useful techniques worthy of study. Written for the general population, and of great use to the therapist and specialist.

fayf book cover


With 19 other EFT masters, Maryam co-authored Freedom At Your Fingertips (ISBN #0972767134), which highlighted Gary Craig’s Emotional Freedom Technique, soup to nuts, with each chapter written by a master of the technique in that area. Maryam wrote the coaching chapter covering how to use EFT to deal with Blockages and Obstacles to success and productivity.


Praise for Maryam’s Speaking and Teaching

“Maryam Webster is a highly experienced telesummit guest, interviewer and producer, and I highly recommend her as a speaker OR mentor. She was one of the pioneers of the telesummit model, with one of the first charity-based telesummits to aid the Indonesian tsunami survivors in 2004 – she really knows the ropes!

I have known Maryam for years, and she is wise, innovative, business-savvy, and one of the most compassionate and giving friends and colleagues I’ve ever met. I have personally been a guest of her telesummits and a host who interviewed her for my recent Venus Evolution Global Telesummit. Her presentation knocked it out of the park and catalyzed many upsells. I highly recommend her!”

Hueina Su
Bestselling Author, International Speaker & Featured Star in the “Keeper of the Keys” movie

christel-arcucci“Maryam is an entertaining, informative & vibrant speaker. The simple & effective tools she offered to improve our health and increase everyday bliss where fun and easy to learn. I loved how relaxed, yet with a sense of purpose they left me feeling! Her expert knowledge combined with her warm & welcoming personality will be inspirational to any group that wants to enjoy life more fully. Book her!”

Christel Arcucci
Mindful Living Arts Yoga & San Ramon eWomen Network

“Maryam is a phenomenal speaker brimming with life shifting information and gorgeous energy. As an author of self-help books, I’ve done a lot of personal growth work, and read about even more. I’m blown away by my experiences with Maryam. The energy processes she so lovingly facilitates are the missing piece for me around very old and very subtle issues that have otherwise remained unchanged.

I cannot recommend Maryam’s work highly enough, especially for artists, writers, and leaders who have evolved to a high level of consciousness and are ready for the next level of support.”

Jennifer Louden
Best-selling author, The Comfort Queen Books and Comfort Cafe Speaker Series

Lisa Garr, host of LA’s popular “The Aware Show” likened Maryam’s teachings to those of spiritual entrepreneur and philanthropist John Assaraf, hailed The ETHOS Method as “truly elegant” and noted that combining ETHOS with energy tapping “really works to shift stuck energy and emotional issues to bring what we want into being”. Just listen:

Lisa Garr
Award-winning Hay House radio interviewer and community mentor at The Aware Show


“Maryam’s eye-opening presentation to the Silicon Valley Capital Club on client acquisition & women’s health was uplifting, humorous and enlightening. Maryam communicated what could have been a complex topic with a mixture of enthusiastic evangelism and professorial expertise, answering questions with style, grace and good humor. At the end, we all knew how to upgrade our health and wellbeing and use that momentum to book our businesses full. This is a talk that should be shared! Maryam would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, one-of-a-kind speaker.”

Gloria Sheridan
Director, Silicon Valley Capital Club’s Women In Business Series

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