Book Your Magnificent Midlife Breakthrough Session

What brings you here? A driving need for something to change? Want to End Pain or Stop Symptoms? Need to retool your life entirely, or maybe even start your own business? Empty nest got you wondering “What now?”

Portrait Of Woman With Raised Eyebrows SmilingI SO understand where you probably are right now…I’ve been there myself! Like me, you may be feeling some or all of these:

  • drained of energy and dragging on the ground by afternoon
  • unhappy in your job but…unsure what else to do or how to do it
  • having hot flashes I thought would melt the clothes right off me
  • in pain in different areas of my body and moving less easily
  • an Important Message inside me just busting to get out
  • in relationship re-evaluation with kids, to life partner – even friends
  • occasionally unable to make smart decisions through the brain fog
  • passed over at work, and life in favor of younger women
  • feeling marginalized by the youth culture that WAS us…wasn’t it just yesterday?
  • did I mention exhausted, dog-tired, and dogs barking, come to think of it?

Like me you might be feeling like the rug of your normal, predictable life has been yanked out from under you. Regular midlife pain & symptoms can be a killer for creativity, and combined with the cultural bias older women face, can mess up relationships and squash our brilliance.

BUT…Now is the best time – the ONLY time – for you to take up the reins of your life and soar!

For the first time in history, women at midlife have the education and life experience, financial resources, political freedom, length of life-span and free time to stop, think and manifest an even juicier Second Life than our first. One that helps, heals and does more for you and your world than ever before.

No one seems to understand you, you feel like you’ve stepped out of time, and increasingly irrelevant. You may be feeling old, sidelined and if you’re like I was, you might really be pissed about it.

Honey, you need a Magnificent Midlife Breakthrough.

In your Breakthrough session, we’re going to take your life and business by the horns, explore how you can have more Energy all day long, take your place as the wise woman you truly are, standing fully in your own power in ALL your relationships (including the one with your body), AND do the work you were born for and love. You’ll see, hear and feel what you can do when:

  • You begin to ACTIVATE your wishes, plans and fondest dreams by eliminating indecision, worry and brain fog, to create a deeply fulfilling “second adulthood”.
  • You learn to easily TRANSFORM confusion and bodily symptoms, and re-channel that energy to empower the awesome new life you are creating.
  • You come away from this session with a concrete roadmap of exciting ways to MOVE FORWARD, and use your life both as the gift it is, and as the gift you truly are to the world.
  • If it makes sense for us to work together on manifesting your magnificent new life, I’ll let you know what the options are, and invite you to to take it further.
  • You finish the session super energized, equipped with a PLAN THAT WORKS to eliminate stress and symptoms, with the support you need already in the door, or a plan to get it.

Sound good? AWESOME. Let’s get this party started!