Longtime Berkeley, California staple Caffè Strada had invested heavily one year, in healthy gluten-free pastries and turmeric tea. Despite attractive displays, they weren’t moving the huge amount of gluten-free biscuits in the freezer, and their supply of Numi Amber Sun Turmeric Tea was sitting on the shelves un-tasted. This print half-sheet ad and email piece was written to both move product and educate the UC Berkeley student target market on the benefits of these two health foods. The reaction was such that the initial freezer-load of biscuits sold in two weeks, and customers requested more options for turmeric tea products, such as lattés and Golden Milk.


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Just for the holidays, grab a special deal on the brand new 100% organic Afternoon Serenity High Tea at Caffè Strada!

Our newest high-tea set combines a rich pot of Numi “Amber Sun” Turmeric Tea, with a gluten-free “Mile High” biscuit from the Mariposa Baking Company and assorted jams and spreads, including our house-made Nutella.

Completely organic, with notes of apple and holiday spice, Numi’s rich herbal tisane blends healing turmeric with warming vanilla bean, cinnamon, and rooibos to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, help you lose weight and bathe you in comfort.

Come in out of the rain and bask in our Amber Sun, while you slather butter all over Mariposa’s 3″ tall Southern-style biscuit – with or without a drizzle of honey or jam. Toasted or plain, both are yumtastic!

A Mayani chocolate truffle completes the set, leaving you glowing inside and out, thinking how tasty it was, and may I please have another?

At Caffè Strada, you definitely can.

For that special meeting coming up, or a personal-day treat that’s yummy AND healthy, stop by Caffè Strada and try our Afternoon Serenity High Tea – it’s literally just what the doctor ordered.

Flash your UC ID at our College Avenue location for an extra 15% off through Valentine’s Day. Hurry – with goodies this delicious and limited supply, they won’t last long!





*Graphics for demonstration purposes only. Image credits:

Biscuits & Honey – Scott Bauer, USDA ARS, public domain file at Wikimedia.com
Numi Amber Sun Turmeric Tea – Numi Co