A specialty retailer in England wanted ads for items people with disabilities commonly purchase at Amazon.com. The target market was aging female tech workers and Boomer women faced with arthritis and repetitive strain injuries. The client decided on an all-new style of story copy that better fit her brand, than the bullet-pointed Amazon-type ad she had been using. The style is brought forward in this ad for a signature line of pens the company was bringing to market. The format was deployed in local advertising as a webpage display ad, an article style email newsletter, national print and web advertising, and a local 1-page flyer with coupon.


Word Count: 439  Reading Time: 2 minutes

Original ad text, no corrections:

Super Big Fat Pens for Arthritis: Black Ink, Blue body + 5 Ink Refills

  • Big Fat Pen is Easy to Hold!
  • Great for people with arthritis, hand pain, or restricted mobility.
  • Non-Slip Rubber Grip on Plastic Body: 5″ long x 1″ in diameter
  • Light Weight at 32 grams.
  • BLACK INK. Accepts “Parker Style” refills. Comes with 5 Extra Ink Cartridges
  • Detachable lanyard keeps pen close at hand.


The Final Ad

The below ad was used to successfully boost this client’s sales and reflected a re-styled barrel with a lower weight important to the target market. Fewer refills were offered as a bonus making the client’s cost lower, but through positioning in this ad, the pens sold effortlessly at a price 5 higher than the original, reflecting greater net sales totals. Note: Graphics here are for demo only.

carpal tunnel, repetitive strain disorder, sore hands

That stabbing pain. You know, the one that suddenly shoots across your hand one day, hurts like a splash of hot tea, and won’t go away? It comes from repetitive strain brought on by too much mousing, crafting, and living until the wee hours as you do.

So much for calligraphy!

Katie knew this meant she would need to find another alternative to her beloved slimline pen from college. Sophie, from the book club, came to Kate’s rescue with a beautiful, smooth-writing answer: Francine’s Pillow Pens.

Available in silver or goldtone, our 1/2″ diameter Pillow Pens have a soft, attractive Gelfoam Comfort-Knob where fingers rest, gently surrounded in cool, comfortable support.

No matter how much repetitive strain or carpal tunnel syndrome affects your grip, your writing will be smooth, accurate, and comfortable, just like in college.

Remember college?

You would curl up in that favorite old sweater with a big mug of Darjeeling and journal longhand, all afternoon. Obsessed with writing long before the trackpad and mouse, smooth, charcoal ink flowed dreams and ideas onto those ivory linen pages, hour after hour.

You wove stories and documented your days with that ink, and the pen that wrote with it.

It represents history.


Industrial designer Francine James understands this passion for pen and ink. She used a classic fountain pen to scribble in her diary ever since freshman year.

Decades working heavily on computers left her with carpal tunnel syndrome and hands so painful she could no longer write easily. That’s why Francine developed the Pillow Pen – for herself and women like her, who find even writing a grocery list brings on discomfort.

And Katie? We saw her in our Harlow shop last week and were happy to send her whistling on her way, with a fresh new EcoJournal, and our popular “Hera” Pillow Pen.

The Hera model is unique. Its multi-colored Gelfoam Comfort-Knob Set lets Katie color-coordinate with her clothes, the season, or her book club’s latest selection. Writing smoothly in your choice of black or blue ink, The Hera is one flirty, attractive pen if we do say so ourselves.

The "Hera" Pillow Pen

Come see!

Just bring your favorite journal into your high street stockist for a test-drive. Indulge in your favorite obsession with any of our three signature Pillow Pens: the Hera, Metis or Sylph, and write in absolute comfort.

All Pillow Pens easily fit right or left-handed writers and are light as a feather at 23 grams. Our unique Gelfoam Comfort-Knobs come in a rainbow of colors from Azure to Zebra and are fully interchangeable. Gelfoam customizes to your exact grip and keeps its shape for ten years – guaranteed. Each Pillow Pen also comes with three bonus refill cartridges and accepts Parker refills as well.

Gift-boxed for your current crush, as a beautiful self-care gift for you, or…both?

Click here to Get Your Gelfoam Comfort Pillow Pen Now



*Image credits:

Pen and polish by Lisa Fotios, Pexels.com
Sore Hands by Carpaltunnelgadgets at Morguefile.com
Journal Writing by ThoughtCatalogue at Unsplash.com
Portrait of Francine James by Anderson Guerra
Hera Pillow Pen courtesy of the designer

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