I wrote this short tutorial-cum-nurture article for a coach who mentored high achieving tech leaders. She used my years in organizational and industrial psychology to create a prescription for her clients, to help their organizational effectiveness, and cohesiveness in a time of widespread company anxiety. Her clients identify with the word “tribe” and the book Tribes 2.0 by Seth Godin, which is why that particular wording is used. The client and her community were delighted with this article, and we used it to spin a much longer marketing sequence, in addition to a tutorial set for the client’s training program.


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Relationships and Tribe #Fail

Relationship is what Tribes, Communities, Clans or Affinity Groups – call them what you will – are really all about. It’s not entirely the ideology, the pull to save humanity, or an “I’ll market yours if you market mine” that draws Tribes together.

The key is in relationships.

And as with any relationship, your relationship with your Tribe as a whole or with significant members, can get sticky or fail. This brief tutorial will show you how to stay on top of sticky situations, so that everybody wins.

“So, What Do I Do If It All Starts Falling Apart?”

If your Tribe or Community is starting to dissolve, look to the relationships between key players, and between the rank and file and leadership.

Ask: Where does the balance tip? Are you empowering each member or living in a dictatorship, be it ever so benign? (hint: dictatorships are never benign as you think)

One great ‘prescription’ for Tribal leaders is to look to the tools of marital and relationship counseling to solve tribal ailments. A simple set to start of with:

  • Communication.
  • Respect.
  • We agree we both can’t be mad at once.
  • We hear each other fairly, and each of our opinions has equal weight.

As you consider the Community you lead, whether you are sole leader or on a leadership council, ask yourself the following questions. They will greatly help to unsnarl tangled tribal issues and restore bliss to your community’s process:

  1. Who is communicating in this situation, and what is each person’s message?
  2. Is that message being heard fairly by others? If not, what person or structure is standing in the way? (eg; a bylaw or mutually agreed upon norm of behavior)
  3. Now go wider and deeper, plug fully into your community and ask: Where is the energy flowing in our tribe? Where is it dammed-up?
  4. What is keeping the energy of the entire tribe from fully inhabiting the tribe’s chosen purpose?
  5. If I could pull one string and unleash the interstellar success of the whole tribe all at once, where would I begin to tug?

I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on these. How did these questions land with you as you consider your own community?

What are some of your conclusions?

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