NO-DRUG, NO-BRAINER Ways to End Stress

Maryam Webster. A woman in a green blouse with a big smileYou want to know some of my best Energy Jazzing, Symptom Squashing magic? It’s Bioenergetic Self-Modification Techniques. That’s a fancy way of saying energy therapies, energy medicine, energy psychology and a labels from spiritual traditions such as “laying on of hands”.

Notice most of these Western terms have the word energy in their label. That’s because we are working with bioenergy, or the energy in your body. Human beings and animals run weak electromagnetic current in their bodies, brains and nerves. By modifying these energy flows, we can create desired changes. Acupuncture and acupressure are ways that developed in ancient times to control and re-shape these energy flows.

If avoiding dangerous drug side effects and having control over your health are important to you, you’ll want to start practicing these “no-drug” body-mind modification techniques.

These exercises are completely safe and easy for you to practice every day, whenever stress threatens, and are based in solid acupuncture and kinesiology research. They work by “hooking up” the energy running up and down your body, from side to side of your body and by taking the stress out at important accupressure and neuro-lymphatic junction points that process stress hormones.

Below is a diagram of all the points we will use, along with others from my book Everyday Bliss For Busy Women.

These points are commonly used in acupuncture, though you need not know anything about acupuncture or acupressure to practice the exercises beautifully and effectively. You’ll be pressing and holding, tapping gently or warming the points with your fingers.

Gently does it! Enjoy…


The Meridian Acupoints we use in traditional Energy Medicine / Energy Therapy

Exercise #1: The “Brain Balancer

There are many vibrational healing points all over the body. Some of these pressure points or acupoints as they are called, have special locations that release the stress in number of different other points, all in one go. The Brain Balancer or what we call the “Gamut Point” on the back of the hand is one of those. It’s called the “Gamut” point because it’s a hotline to balancing stress in many different places on the body, notably the brain.


This is the one to tap for Hormonal Imbalance or symptoms like Hot Flashes


In traditional acupuncture, this point is the 3rd Point on the Triple Warmer Meridian, and is paired with the Spleen Point underneath the armpit in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping in balancing the system when the body is exhausted from being overly stressed.


1) Find the Gamut point on your hand. It’s between the little finger and ring finger bones on the back of either hand. Begin tapping gently on this point with the index finger of your other hand. Since these points exist on both hands, it doesn’t matter which you use. Think of the stressful situation and keep tapping for 30 seconds.

2) Next, tap on top of the head at the Crown point. This is where all of the acupuncture energy channels, known as meridians, meet up and it’s right where a puppet might have a string attached to the top of its head, on the Crown. Tap here for 30 seconds.

3) Return to the Gamut Point and tap 30 seconds. Take a huge breath in and release all your stress and tension with it. Repeat this sequence as much as you want. Feel the glow of pure, clean relaxation spreading over you…

Exercise #2: Cross Crawlingcross-crawl

This exercise hooks up snarled and frazzled energies in your body, giving you a lot more energy to use in general, and “roto rootering” stuck energy out of the places it’s stuck in. Cross Crawling comes from the vibrational medicine branch known as Kinesiology, pioneered by chiropracter Dr. John Goodheart. This specific exercise is from a system known as “BrainGym” and “Educational Kinesiology” and is used in schools with children throughout the United States.

It’s great for pre-test jitters, when you have “brain fog” from working too long or too late and general calming and soothing.

1) Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Lift one knee and swing it in to cross the center of your body. At the same time, lift the opposite arm and touch the knee briefly.

2) Repeat with other knee and arm. Do ten of these to “uncross” the energy in your body and hook up your right side and left side so they work together for you.

When you speed this up it can become a kind of jumping jack. Think sprinters doing warm-ups on the track: knees high, arms crossing the midline to touch or point to the other side of your body near the opposite knee, brisk and determined. Feel the sides of your brain coming into alignment with each other. Focus on the delicious feeling of being Centered.

“But my arms/legs hurt or I’m unable to stand…”

Other variants of the Cross Crawl include sitting or lying down and crossing the legs at the ankles and crossing the arms at the wrists, clasping hands. When it feels right to do so, uncross arms and legs and re-cross in the opposite direction. Do at least four crossing/uncrossing/recrossing movements or if unable to move well, lie with legs and hands crossed for at least three minutes.

Exercise #3: The Triple Thump

Thumping on these three places instantly changes the vibratory energy signature of stress (which is a frequency, like a radio station you can tune into) and flushes your lymphatic fluid which drains stress away from the body. Do the Triple Thump whenever you feel stressed during your day – it’s a great one to energize your wakeup period with too! Be sure to drink lots of water when you do these exercises, to help flush stress hormones out of the body.

1) Find the spots on the model above that say “Collarbone”. These are a little below and underneath your collarbone at the “L” where it attaches to your sternum, or breastbone. Put two fingers in this area on both sides of your body and gently thump ten times or massage these spots. They may be sore, and if so, need a good working out as this is where stress hormones accumulate!

2) Next go to the “Thymus Point” which is right on the center of the breastbone, about two inches down from the v-notch at your collarbone. Thump ten times or massage here, using a few fingers.

3) The next points are underneath the breast tissue, beneath the crease under the breast and on top of the rib just below that crease. Since these points are tiny, use the entire side of your hand to gently thump here ten times, or use the soft pads of your fingers to massage the area if it’s sore.

Of interest to women: Doctors often recommend lymphatic massage for women with breast disorders to keep fluids and toxins from building up. The Triple Thump is a safe form of self-massage on the lymph tissue that will help keep breasts healthy! And it is believed, may also help to prevent breast cancer. All that for just a few minutes a day – how much simple could it be?

Exercise #4: Cook’s Hookup

cooks_hookup_fullsizeThis is great when you’re just plain frazzled, exhausted and thinking fuzzy. Brain fog? We don’t got no stinkin’ brain fog when we practice Cook’s Hookup! Cook’s will hook up the electromagnetic energy your body and brain run on, so it is running smoothly again and infuse you with a sense of calm and relaxation.

1) Sit with one ankle crossed over the other ankle.

2) Cross one wrist over your other wrist.

3) With your two arms crossed in front, turn your hands over so palms face each other. Clasp your hands together like you’re shaking your own hand.

4) Bend your elbows so that your clasped hands turn under and in, towards your body, like a pretzel. Rest clasped hands against your heart.

5) Simply breathe gently in and out for approximately 2 minutes.

6) Then place feet flat on floor and uncross arms. Place your hands together, with only fingertips touching opposite fingertips, thumbs pointing towards your heart, hands in a “steepled” position. Breathe gently for approximately 30 seconds, and release.

Exercise #5: The “Energizer”

The busy Mom’s favorite, this comes from the wonderful folks at BrainGym, who teach kids (and parents) how to be their best. This is a great “pick me up” if all the preceding exercises have you so relaxed that you want to take a nap, but still have much of your day ahead yet. Beats caffeine, which itself may give you a short-term lift, but adds to the stress and toxic chemicals in your body contributing to an even larger “let down” later on. Do “The Energizer” instead! 1) Sit in a chair at a table. Put your forearms on the table and rest your forehead on top of your hands. Breathe out all the air in your lungs.

2) Breathe in again and feel the air come rushing up your midline from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. Your head will lift up as you breathe easily, gently and your neck will stretch out delightfully. Your lower body and your shoulders stay relaxed.

3) As you exhale, tuck your chin and roll your body back down to rest your forehead on your arms. Repeat until you want to stop.

Exercise #6: The “Belly Button Correction”

When you’re having difficulty getting the techniques to work for you, or you feel confused, frightened or upset, try this simple energetic correction before applying energy therapies of your choice (ETHOS Method, NLP, ZPoint, EFT, BSFF etc.) to the problem again.

If your energy is reversed or “switched” in its polarity (where we would say “your batteries are in backwards”) and this is a chronic problem (you’ll know when this happens because things you try tend not to work as well!), you should do the Belly Button Correction every day, several times a day, to retrain your body’s energy system.

Use this correction to manage your energy and keep a good hold on the positive!

1. Place your index finger longwise across your upper lip and your thumb longwise across the ball of your chin. Press in around the diameter of your belly button with all of the fingertips of one hand. Rub your upper lip and chin briskly with the sides of your index finger and thumb 10 seconds. Switch hands, rub with other hand.

2. Place your index fingertip and thumb on both collarbone points and rub vigorously 10 seconds keeping hand pressing in on belly button. Switch hands, rub with other hand.

3. Place your whole hand around behind you, just above your tailbone (coccyx), and rub vigorously 10 seconds keeping your other hand pressing in on belly button. Switch hands, rub your tailbone with the opposite hand while the hand that first rubbed the tailbone presses in around the belly button.

4. Take a big deep breath and release. Repeat as necessary, if your energy is badly reversed or in a tough mental/emotional situation, repeat at least 3 times a day.

Do these Stress Relief Exercises daily to keep you life on track. They only take a few moments each and have the power to completely destress your day!


If your stress levels go beyond what these simple exercises can deal with, consult your healthcare professional.


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