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Article Headline: Einstein,  daVinci & You, Together At Last
Email Subject: How Einstein, daVinci and You, WIN…

Hey there Beautiful!
Hope this finds you feeling yummy! I wanted to bring you an important health-enhancing practice and a load of resources to help you get it into your life. One of the most important relationships I’ve shed is the “hyper-connectedness” we’re all infected with to some extent now. In my case, it had begun to get slightly out of control and I was feeling stressed around everything to do with online life: email, marketing, blog posting, social media updating and so on.

I started researching this and it’s a real problem that affects our health in just about every way – and by extension our families, relationships and businesses. Personally, I’m aiming for a new paradigm at my own speed, which like scientists and artists such as Leonardo da Vinci and Albert Einstein, is a great deal slower and more highly focused than the breakneck pace of society and internet allow.

I research, read and synthesize a lot more than today’s current hustle-bustle lifestyle allows. This means that I am slower, more deliberate and take a great deal more time and care making sure things go right before releasing products or classes and so on.

Which produces exceptionally high quality, if not mass quantity.

But which would you rather have – a genuine designer chair, or a mass-market flimsy seat that looks the same but falls apart inside the first year?

Right, me too.

This philosophy is called the “Slow Living Movement”. It’s a Thing, and you need to hop on board to save your sanity (seriously, it works). We’re going to learn together how to slow down and actually produce more, sleep more and play more in less time. Yes, it really is possible – I’ve been doing it for the last year!

Slow Living Gets Its Own Summit…

Also, the Slow Living Summit taking place this May in Brattleboro, Vermont features a workshop on our “Gross National Happiness” index, inspired by the yearly goal of the Kingom of Bhutan. Nobel-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz is famously quoted: “What you measure is what you get.” So these enterprising people are talking about measuring our nation’s happiness.

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Live slower, get happier. Read more about this “Strolling of the Heifers” event featuring cross-sector intelligence, ideas and actions for sustainable living, right here.

So on my personal end of things, I realized that if I expected to keep my health and be happy, I couldn’t DO the go-go-go-until-you-drop thing, one more second. Like you, I have to go at a pace that honors me, and my energy flow first and foremost.

Right now, I’m getting back to my native speed. What about you?

I’m hosting a class on how to radically simplify and increase your productivity, time and leisure. If you’re interested in that, click this to grab my free workbook that will teach you:

7 Ways Slow Makes You More Time, Money & Happy

You’ll be automatically signed up for updates when class begins. It’s going to be a beautiful journey!

Warm Blessings,
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