This is an Impassioned Short Article and position paper written for the owner of an online educational institution that serves at-risk teen girls. She wanted an emotional piece to mark World Women’s Day, full of resources for her audience.

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End Poverty: Educate Girls

We know that when we educate girls, it tends to eradicate poverty as those girls grow up into women that help fix social issues. I want to give everyone a way they can start helping right now. That is, to tell every girl in your life how precious, smart, capable, and resourceful she is. Endorse her, empower her from as early an age as possible to be true to herself.

Drop appearance-related reinforcement that focuses on her physical beauty, for those which emphasize more intrinsic, long-lasting qualities like creativity, intelligence, and reasoning.

Keep saying it. Keep reinforcing to girls that she can do anything she sets her mind to in every thought, word, and deed you show them.

Educate girls, give them consistent healthcare and clean food and water. Support their right to marry – or not – when they choose. And never slack off – by starting at grassroots in our own lives, waves will ripple outward.

And don’t forget the boys too. The message that each person is uniquely gifted and capable of being the special blessing they are to the world is pansexual and universal.

Women, it is our responsibility to make sure girls everywhere know that if they EVER hear themselves being disrespected – not to believe it. Reinforce to girls that they need to believe in themselves and their own intrinsic worthiness. We all have to take point on this. Especially those of us who grew up being told we were less than and had to work hard to reclaim our independence and self-esteem.

As the great educator Marva Collins said:

“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself. Be yourself. Imitation is suicide.”

Just as keeping girls down spells suicide for any culture. Here’s one place to start to empower the girls in your life, to help girls around the world:

C.J. Hayden, the author of Get Clients Now, has a great site with good resources here:

For a mere $50, you can pay tuition to school for one girl for a year at Oprah’s How To Help & Teach Girls site, the links here lead to reputable cause sites – this one is at Care:

At the World Bank, you can find out the status of girls and education around the world:

Here is one organization focusing on educating girls globally:

And here is a place you can find a lot of info on education programs for girls worldwide:

Each one teach one.

It’s a good thing.


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