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We are happy to offer you extra swag-bag goodies to extend the Love, Deep Health benefits and good vibes from our Pre-Valentine’s Love Spa. Be sure and scroll down to snap up every juicy morsel we have for you, including Maryam’s special video BlissFix! ⬇️


Your Love Therapists, Doctors and Coaches include:


Maryam Webster – You’ll get my classic “Lullaby Lab” that will get your sleep back on track in a twinkling (which helps everything else) PLUS two additional Bliss Journeys, Energy Coaching on the Wisdom app, invitations to Healing rooms on Clubhouse & other fun treats!

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♥️ Dealing with Mental or Physical Health issues & need to experience Quantum Leaps?
Click here to book your $150 Evolutionary Clarity Session  (free, for a limited time)


Lindsay McCue – Lindsay is a fantastic Cellular Health Coach and has so much to share with you about how toxins you pick up in your environment can trash not only your health, but your mental state and ability to connect with others. Check out her cool checklist here to see if you are affected + how to get free!

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Dr. Firlande Volcy – Did you know the state of your gut (intestinal) microbiome can actually KEEP you depressed and off-center? Dr. Firlande would like to help you upgrade your gut, your emotions and entire health profile, and is offering a wonderful set of Master Class notes to help you.

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Lynnis Woods-Mullins – Lynnis is a psychologist who stands for Women over 40 living vibrant, healthy and beautiful inside and out! She is offering you a beautiful 28 Day VIBE Challenge to increase the good feelings and love in your life and so much more!

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Dr. Dalal Akoury – Dr Dalal is one of the most cutting-edge and innovative true Healers around, and has so much wisdom to offer you in upgrading your entire life – even serious medical conditions – at her website in a fantastic library of articles for every situation!

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Tresa Hennessey – Tresa works with couples to resolve relationship conflicts and bad feelings, with the Hawai’ian spiritual process of Ho’oponopono (WAY beyond the popular “I love you, please forgive me” mantra) She has a lovely offer for couples to begin your healing journey with a free, 45 minute session!

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We were all totally WOWED during the event by audience member and Quantum Healer Keya Kaya’s spontaneous share of her beautiful song on Gratitude, that will (I promise!) change your mood *immediately* as you drop into it…

Click here for Keya’s Gratitude Song on SoundCloud


Heck Yeah, There’s BONUS SWAG!

What would an event be without a Sweet Bonus? Below enjoy Evolutionary Living Club leader Maryam Webster’s INSTANT Bliss Fix video that puts you directly in touch with Support, spins you into your highest energy, BEST manifestation place and Back on Track in your life.

(Note: Link on video is no longer active, this was for a
long-ago Summit…but the Bliss Process is absolute gold!)