Evolutionary Writing is your Heart-Based, Mission-Centric, Spirit-Forward, Love-Is-The-Answer source for helping your clients, subscribers and potential contacts to connect with you. This is a tutorial which I sent my own email list, examines one powerful tool, technique or resource to leverage (and how) in just five minutes. This one step is your go-to if you are facing:

  • A Class, workshop, webinar or retreat to fill
  • A Manifesto you need to write
  • A Book, Promotion or Email campaign
  • An E-course, Challenge or Signature Program

Word Count: 367 Reading Time: 2 minutes

How To Get More Clients, Buyers and Subscribers

This tutorial is about ONE strategy. That strategy in getting more Clients, Buyers and Subscribers is something I’ll bet your Mom told you when you were trying to snag that Perfect Someone:

Be Yourself

Now before you go off in a huff thinking that’s TOO simple, let me explain. If you’re like most people, you’ve followed Experts and Gurus all your life or at least for your business career. Because again if you’re like most helping service-based entrepreneurs, your genius is not in business. It’s in healing or coaching or speaking or leading people in transformation.

So you naturally look to others who know about business, to learn the “do” of turning your passion into gold.

And you “do” Them. Their mojo, their process.

Sometimes that works, because a service provider is an exact personality and energy style match for the Guru or Expert they follow. But most often, and especially if you’re a heart-based, mission driven World Changer, Healer or Creator, (very especially if you’re an Introvert), that same Biz Guru is the worst teacher and example in the world.

The best advice you’ll ever get still comes from Mom:

Be You. Do You. Only You. 

Use your own words and phrases to engage people, not the Guru’s. If they use a crowd-energizing technique like yelling “Wahoo!” to whip up the audiene, don’t be a lookalike, find your own happy word like “Yeehah!”… or something else that is totally You.

Chances are, this is something you already do and people respond to. Even better, just don’t do that technique. Do your own thing, and people will adore you. The right people. Those who get you, and think you’re the best.

How far can you take you from here? For me, it’s involved a whole new change to my product line and a return to the Deep Magic of my core Why that matches up perfectly with the Needs of the people who deeply respond to and get a the most out of what I offer. Do 3 minutes of focused journaling about this. What is your “Why” – what brings you to offer the services that you do??

That “Do You” piece is what it’s all about.


*image courtesy Keenan Constance, Unsplash