I'm Passionate about Helping You Optimize Your Health & Happiness

A Safe Place to Be You

As an Evolutionary Psychologist and Mental Health Coach, I get the stress that life is in general. Especially during the emotional rollercoaster of this pandemic period! You need a break & SuperPowered tools to make it easier. You'll get all that here.

I LOVE helping folks transform situational stress and trauma into happy, healthy lives, because that helps the world. This is a Safe Space. I've got your back.

If you need a soothing, sane way to dump stress and get your magic back again...

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Heart-Centered to Connect Deeply

One of the biggest blocks to Success is disconnection from your Heart's True Choices. You'll develop your "I Am At Choice" muscle by testing decisions & outcomes through the Heart, then rest of the body.

Whether we're working on soul level issues, or you're coming back from catastrophic injury or illness, we go through the Heart.

Everything the Heart loves, the Body takes joy in, the Mind is excited by, and automatically succeeds.

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Teaching to Transform

As an instructional designer and veteran teacher, I can help you take the uncertainty out of creating online offerings, from workshops, courses and certifications, to Zoom ceremonies & celebrations.

I owned a virtual institute for 15 years, specializing in crafting Certifications and Signature Programs. I love helping entrepreneurs create & market trainings!

We'll collaborate to create an immersive learning experience that deeply teaches, and your students will absolutely LOVE.

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