I’ve authored numerous articles and papers in academia, psychological journals and professional association publications during my tenure as a psychotherapist, plus many courses, audio, video and meditation scripts, and seven books so far. Here’s a partial list:

The Mothertree’s Book of Herbal Recipes and The Mothertree’s Book of Incense, Oils and Brews – 1988 & 1989, Mothertree Publications.

I’m including these two just for fun and to show the breadth of the kind of work I do. These two represent some of my earliest work in herbalism when I was learning medical aromatherapy in Cambridge, England in the 1980’s. They are both out of print but have been hand copied and passed around for the last thirty years to my surprise, in the local alternative healing community in Cambridge.

Quantum Flow Bioenergetics: Be Your Own Healer – Quantum Flow Publications, 2004. ISBN-10: 0-9761085-3-4

This book and 2-CD set features Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, as a primary energy therapy and teaches you through videos, audios and 100 pages of interactive tutorial, over twenty different energy therapy interventions to use in your own life. It was the first ever book to round-up and highlight all the recent new energy therapies in 2004, bringing them to public attention beyond the realm of psychotherapists and the alternative healing milieu.  This book is now out of print as the therapies have advanced significantly. Everyday Bliss for Busy Women (below) is an updating of this material.


The Certified Energy Coach Program Manual
Evolutionary Living Publications, 2006, 2010

This program and its manual were the first to combine the best of humanistic and positive psychology, executive and life coaching theory and practice with the powerful energy therapies that shift resistance, stuck-ness and issues that hinder the average coaching client, and which schools of coaching tell their graduates to refer to a therapist. From my background as a psychotherapist, I knew that most of the time, these are simply resolved issues when energy therapies are skillfully applied, and formulated both the course and manual to address this gap in Coaching education.


Freedom At Your Fingertips – Inroads Publishing, 2007

With nineteen other Masters of Emotional Freedom Technique, I authored the definitive book on how to successfully apply EFT, or “tapping”.  I wrote the coaching chapter on Breaking Through Blockages & Obstacles with case studies, tapping scripts and explanation of the Blocked state. You can see more about this groundbreaking work at its own site http://fayf.com.


Everyday Bliss for Busy Women: Energy Balancing Secrets for Complete Health and Vitality – New Harbinger Publishers, 2008.

After rushing through your morning routine, dropping the kids off at school, completing your responsibilities at the office, and handling other daily duties, it’s really no wonder that you feel drained at the end of the day. It is possible, though, to find room in even the most hectic schedule to enjoy life moment-by-moment and refocus on the goals that matter most to you.

This book shows you how to stop living at warp speed and reclaim your life for yourself. You’ll learn how to use cutting-edge energy psychology techniques and the power of intention to:

  • Create a beautiful private space to escape stress and invite bliss
  • Recharge throughout the day using the same quick, simple routines used by elite energy coaches
  • Reduce mental clutter through deliberate acts of focused intention

Don’t settle for just keeping your head above water and getting everything done. You deserve to find focus, balance, and everyday bliss. With what you’ll learn in this book, you can.


ETHOS Method Primer – 2008. This is my flagship offering to the world, especially those in the spiritual and healing communities, and a free download for everyone. ETHOS stands for Energy Transformation and Healing – Open Source, and is one of the only energy therapies to address why other methods, such as EFT tapping, have failures. ETHOS is predicated on how humans naturally encode everything that happens. Once you know how you encode events, you can undo habits, bad memories, traumas and upsets simply, quickly and invisibly with ETHOS.


12 Keys To Bliss CD and 6-Week Course – 2009

Nine journeys to go with my Everyday Bliss book, along with an 8 week course in how to apply the techniques. Topics covered include: How to Ground and Center Yourself in the Midst of a Storm, When Tragedy Strikes, Maintaining Equilibrium When Sick, How to Quickly Shift your Mental State in Tough Situations, Creating a Blissful life, 911 Emergency – Coping With the Unexpected, and extensive information on  the energy therapies that help.


Love Your Life Again 3-DVD Set and 8-Week Course – 2010

Recorded in Paris, this DVD set extended the 12 Keys material and went into the depth theory and practice of how to Love Your Life no matter where you are and what’s going on, how to banish problems, change your own personal history, and create a bright new future that actually comes true. Extensive training in The ETHOS Method includes the AM/PM “Energy Hygiene” routines, shortcuts and workarounds to solve problems that I teach my Certified Energy Coaches.


Savvy Business Woman’s Guide to the ETHOS Method Workbook – 2014

A guided workbook for Midlife Women in conscious business to reveal and eliminate fears, worries and the subconscious sabotage that ruins both business and lives. Heavy emphasis on self-inquiry and personal definition of what gives the reader joy with examples, recommended resources and follow-through coaching through implementation.