Hi, my name is Maryam Webster. Yes, it’s my real name, and no, I’m not related to the dictionary. I am however, a multiply published author, academic researcher, and have advanced psychological, linguistic, educational and marketing skills.

I’ve worked as a private practice psychotherapist and researcher of human behavior over 30 years, as a Sleep Magic mentor and entrepreneurial coach for 20, and as a teacher of Energy Coaching and both high school English, and English as a Second Language.

I’ve also been the owner of businesses from a custom incense and perfume shop to an educational institution and a marketing agency for women, in addition to my private practice.

Today I combine all my experience as a Business Psychologist, Sleep Magic and Health mentor, into full service Health & Wellness support for entrepreneurs and service-based professionals.

Just on the Sleep side of  the equation: I work with entrepreneurs, therapists, charity founders, spa owners, coaches, teachers, and retreat leaders to name a few. Currently, we’re combatting the lack of sleep and that “out of time” feeling due to the pandemic.

Sleep is the best medicine for many issues, both mental and physical. Especially, as research has found, to help condition the brain and body to fight coronavirus.

During a pandemic, mental structures relating to time and circadian rhythms change. Without solid support in place to keep you on track, your best healer, Sleep, can skew wildly out of orbit, wreck every system in your body and put you at risk for not only coronavirus, but flu, colds, and more serious disease like heart attacks and cancer.

I’m Focusing on Sleep and Happiness, because they are the Two Levers we can pull to positively affect the entire system. Your health, wealth, happiness and freedom.

If you’re barely sleeping, not sleeping well, or your sleep schedule is wildly skewed from normal, you need Sleep Magic.

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We deal with the complex emotions that go with running a business, and transform those that can block you from thriving. Using the power of Energy Coaching and tools from the Certified Energy Coach Program, you’ll be over hurdles and on to your goal in no time at all.


What Makes Me A Uniquely Effective Choice

My years as a psychologist focused intently on not only what makes people take action, but importantly – what makes people NOT act.  Pair that with twenty years in marketing at both corporate and small business level, being a published author of nine books and seasoned public speaker, you have a unique package you cannot find elsewhere.

I am available for ongoing support project and personal coaching here.

I now offer “Pick My Brain” sessions to aim all my expertise at a specific set of questions or a quick shot of teaching or case conferencing. You can pick one of these up here.

If you like the sound of that and are ready to finally have messaging and products that really represent you and get people in your door –  book a chat with me.