I work best with women who are go-getter and go-Giver social entrepreneurs with a big agenda to help and heal some part of the world. You’re blocked by trauma you’ve been through, either our shared trauma of the last few years of the pandemic, or personal traumas historical or current.

Like me, you might be neurodivergent and/or considered neuroatypical. If you feel blocked by things like these, I can show you how to turn them into a superpower.

Or you may be going through an injury healing or disease process & need support through the healing process, getting back to health again.

You’re open-minded so love trying new methods, and probably like into sustainable living, natural fabrics & your foods are organic and clean or you’re going in that direction – I can help there too!

You’re also a deep thinker & doer of Good in your life and business. Your average workday right now might mean a commute from the bedroom to the living room, but it doesn’t lessen the stress.

With all that’s going on, you may not have time to work on the parts of you that are holding you back and not letting you play full out.

You get stressed, stuck and it sucks in a good year.

But the good years may seem long, long ago.

The last few years have been a stone-hard grind. Plus-plus-plus.

A typical Monday, in a long year of Mondays, includes doing The Thing, over-delivering and getting home at midnight because your Message and the Gift you are to the people you work with, is THAT important.

You may be juggling home, family, assistants and helpers, launches, partnerships, illness, family care, and, and, and…all of that. You’re tired of it and something’s got to give.

But your kind of Unique needs special treatment and understanding.

I’ve got you.

I know that stress, I’ve been there and survived it to live a live of Ease, Grace and Joy. You can too.

That’s what I offer:
    • Ease…without hurry
    • Happiness…as a daily state of being
    • Knowing exactly how you’re sabotaging yourself and being able to reverse it
    • Feeling your muscles relax so deep you drape over and sink into a chair
    • Walking with the easy grace of a cat, sure in your own skin
    • Easily able to motivate your own Executive Function to do more
    • Joy that is bone-deep, and infuses your every breath with Love
    • Getting Things Done and Living in your Sweet Spot
    • Leaving people eager to get more of you & be in your wheelhouse

You’re a natural Leader & Helper…with issues. (like everyone)

You serve a community in a key way, you might be a fellow psychotherapist or performance/life/business  coach, in the spiritual, physical fitness, bodywork or educational fields, in medicine, the arts or human services. And it’s stressful, plus you may have personal injury, elder, ill-person or child care, and/or other issues complicating things.

More stress. I so know how that is. (been there)

Plus…you’re unique — really unique. You have mad skills and talents and are out the window good at something special. That means the stuff that’s preventing you from going forward and eats at your soul, is unique too.

It’s both Achille’s Heel and the stuff of pure magic, because
while it bites, it also makes you the powerful person you are.

I’ve been helping folks like you deal with the stress of business, home and life, plus spiritual and bodily healing for over 30 years. If you need what I have, I would love to help you out!

What I do is way past therapy, is much more than coaching (though it includes that), is absolutely transformative, on its way to taking you back to high functioning again.

I do my BEST work with Entrepreneurs who…

  • are open-minded and come from the Heart
  • have a business that helps the world
  • are passionate about your evolving Great Work
  • are in-profit and not suffering financially
  • take personal responsibility, show up and do the work
  • are generous in spirit, give credit where it’s due and help others
  • have a daily personal practice (meditation, tai chi, yoga etc)

Need help to find your peace & get going again?

I literally wrote the book on how to do Bliss & will not only update you on the vast improvement on those techniques of my ETHOS Method, but teach you to get your peace of mind back, and deal with what’s aggravating you.

In the process of achieving relief, you’ll learn how to duplicate every process we do together, within your own day.

What Do Clients Most Request & Enjoy?

Trauma clearing all the way back in your ancestral line is a much-requested specialty, as is pain and craving elimination. How we do this is magic, and is absolutely not accomplished through psychotherapy OR coaching OR medical intervention, but by moving, shaping and patterning energy.

I’ve created a very special and unique Energy Magic to get you where you want to Be — a nurturing and supportive blend of Energy Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Performance-oriented Neuropsychology and Deep Somatic Listening to harmonize your body, mind and soul in these Tangled Times.

Need Support? I got you. The first step is a chat about your needs.

This Evolutionary Clarity Session is valued at $150, and is my gift to you.
Book it, when you are ready to begin work in a month or less.
Let’s collaborate on the possibilities!