How My Magical Blend Helps You Shine

My entire life, my Desire as a mental health therapist, psychologist and spiritual teacher has been to liberate, empower and inspire Evolutionaries like you to BE the Change – to fully embody and market the help and healing the world needs, that ONLY you can Be. I’ve spent a lifetime training myself to be the ultimate in TLC and powerful transformation for Evolutionaries just like you.

If you’re out there helping the world get better, you’re an Evolutionary. You’re taking the responsibility and It’s my Mission to help you get the huge Gift that you are out into the world, doing good and helping the people you were put here to serve to be their best selves.

This is how we heal the World, and I’m in your corner!

I know you have a mad passion for social justice, just want to help folks, and aren’t about to take shit from anybody. You run your motor hot, need to get your Message out yesterday, and also profit and do it all sanely.

I’ve got tons of magic to help you deal with a business owner’s rollercoaster of emotions, to develop your Signature Program, courses, and teaching materials, and lead from a place of Ease, Grace and Joy.

Plus, Spiritual Teachers…I have your back too. I’ve been a Healer and Priestess of the Goddess since I was 14, and spent decades apprenticing to both my grandmother Mimi, the metìs medicine man Corliss “d” deLarm and teachers in the United States and England in plant, energy and spirit-based healing and group leadership.

Plus, I learned from the school of physical disability more about success than you’d ever imagine.

I did that recovering from lower body paralysis and paraplegia after being hit by a drunk driver. I was in a bed nine years, and got my mobility back.

No one does that…

But I did.

This by some people’s definition, is weird. But my perfect people love this about me, and consider it a huge plus.

Your perfect peeps look at the weird about you and go “wow, you’re a MIRACLE! That’s awesome!”. You have your own awesome that it’s my gift and privilege to help you find, empower and get the heck out in the world helping folks.

I custom craft remedies for each client in a multi-level approach

  • business
  • personal development
  • spiritual grounding
  • and leadership training if necessary

…often all in the same session. My work goes towards supporting you to become the Remedy both for your own sticky situations, and those of your Dream Clients who need what you’ve got.

And if you’re a Leader, my Great Work lies in aligning these…

Three Dimensions of  Conscious Leadership

1. The Community Level – This is the broad plain of work with your Beloveds, your Tribe, the Community of people that you were put here to help. Our work in session on this level includes:

  • Your Gift, Your Shadow, and Your Destiny
  • Nurturing the Soul of Your Community
  • Chanelling The Evolutionary Message

We excavate deep into your talents, skills, interests even the “weird” ones, (which are your secret strength!) to call your Dream Clients to you.

2. The Emotional Level – including the sometimes overwhelming rollercoaster of emotions an Entrepreneur goes through on their way to super success. I use my magical mojo to help you deal with whatever stands in the way, bust your Upper Limits problem – and teach you everything so you can do it yourself. We get those dealt with and set you up to succeed.

3. The Liminal Level – this is strong Inner Work as you become more about spiritual and community-based goals, teaching you to use the energy of Manifestation in the borderlands between one state and another, to help shape and direct your life and business towards your heart’s desire. Here we use energy remedies and transformation rituals to support you in stepping deeper into your Great Work.

I’ve got your back and will keep you sane and healthy through the process.

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Please Note: I serve Business owners, Social Entrepreneurs
and Transformational Healers in the psychology, social activism,
spirituality, coaching and health industries. My work is reserved
for people and business owners on a mission to do good in the world.