You’ve felt it, haven’t you? There’s something Big inside you, banging on your heartstrings to get out, so it can help the piece of the world you were put here to help.

That calling has become louder and louder as the world has fallen into chaos around us.

The experience and knowledge you’ve gained is precious and valuable to a unique type of person who can receive these lessons only from you. NOT from the next teacher down the road — You.

If you’re not leveraging your expertise to Help the World, I want to invite you to get up off your behind and do it.

If the thought of that is big and scary, I can help. But you have to be willing to take the first step. Schedule a free chat with me and let’s discuss how I can help you bring your Message to life. Click to book and we’ll identify your curriculum outline, biggest obstacle, and you’ll leave with a customized plan, on the house!


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If you’re the do-it-yourself sort, I hear you, I am too. When I needed to leverage all the free lessons I could get, I would have given a lot to get my hands on the gift I’m giving you next on this page. If you need to get a simple Class going quickly and on a shoestring,  you can start with this curated list of Tried-and-True steps —

FREE Lesson: How to Create a Class on your own:
  1. Decide on a class topic people really need and will pay to learn, create and finalize your learning objectives, lesson plan and class storyboard. Here’s a great article on this process, with a free download.
  2. Choose the best Learning Management System (LMS) for your topic and students.
  3. Script your lesson plan so your topic is easily learnable by people of all different learning styles. You must write lessons this way, so that no student is left behind. There are ways to do this and ways not to do this. Please have the knowledge of how to write UX Instructional Design or hire a pro here – you can’t afford for your class not to be inclusive, and your students deserve it.
  4. Decide whether you will do live or pre-recorded classes, or a mix. Script your video classroom sessions and video your lessons before launch or live, as they happen, to inspire and motivate your learners, and add them to each lesson.
  5. Upload all videos and set a drip-feed feature on each lesson if you want to release each lesson module on a timed basis (highly recommended). I suggest no sooner than a weekly feed for lessons. More can overwhelm the average student.
  6. Finalize your learning objectives, lessons, games, homework, quizzes and tests & publish them in branded format, in your online LMS.
  7. Test EVERYTHING, especially logins, quizzes, tests and games, on both Mac and PC. You need to make sure everything works before students buy your course, and enter your LMS learning environment.
  8. If monetization is not a module included in your LMS, figure out how you are going to have students pay for the course, and then securely and privately get them to register at your ecampus and let them in.
  9. Work out what bonuses will add to each student’s learning & deepening in your topic, and write or record these, in a special bonuses area for the student.
  10. DO offer Bonus Expert Interviews. I always do, it provides immense value for students and expanded connections for the experts and expands your own platform as an Expert.

Teach the Brilliant Solution that ONLY YOU CAN TEACH. And if you have no idea where to go with that, this is where I come in, as your UX Instructional Designer and Curriculum Coordinator.

Instructional and Curriculum design is a specialized skill so don’t blame yourself if you’re not a natural right off the bat.


  • through webinars
  • an e-course
  • in an online e-campus style, enriched Learning Management System (LMS)

I can advise you on the best LMS , and help you set up. When you share your knowledge and lived experience, people benefit and change for the better. We need that too bad right now for you to hide your Light!

If you’re an agent for Social Good and World Change in whatever way you hold that – I want to talk to you. Particularly if you’ve said “I’m no writer, I know what I do but not how to teach others”

Right now, click the button below to chat it out. Come talk to me about this “can’t get it done” whether you’re in the market for a course designer like me or you’re just in the thinking stages.

I want to gift you with a personal transformation on that, and the perspective that gets your Teachings out the door fast. Free. Totally no obligation. Do it:


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“Sounds good! But what does that look like Maryam?”

Think sitting down with a girlfriend over tea and hashing the important stuff, the stuff you really don’t want anyone to die not knowing. They HAVE TO have access to your info & lived experience because…REASONS. You’ve got a compelling BIG REASON like these clients:


“Because I don’t want another woman to die of breast cancer”
– Jill, Breast Health Educator

“I want to pass on how to make my grandmother’s herbal recipes so they won’t be forgotten. And you have to do that live.”
– Rina, author

“I’m tired of women getting taken in by shady business marketing programs”
Celeste, Marketing for Millenials coach

“I’m making it my mission that not one more person dies with their song still inside them!”
– Liz, Vocal Mentor


These Reasons drive you on to do the supernova Good Work that you do. Right? And there are others, like creating a sustainable lifestyle while helping folks out, and leveraging the time saved by running your own multi-enrollment programs – still the best way to sustainable income.


“What are the Benefits of having my own training program?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked. There are so many benefits and time saved to having your own training program! Among them:

  • Instantly deployable learning for new clients/hires/community members
  • One and done client education and onboarding in an easily replicated format
  • Evergreen content ensures relevance and income streams for years
  • Instead of re-teaching all you do to each new client, you can teach many clients at once
  • The ease of making any program or class we create together either virtual or live.
  • Recording your programs as you teach, ensure 24/7 access to your work by replay, so students go at their own pace
  • Worksheets, benchmarks, challenges, and quizzes help your students keep on track, and help you know where they are
  • The time saved by conducting a “one-to-many” program is rated in months per year
  • The financial savings in administration and client services when teaching your own training is considerable
  • The profits from teaching your own training can literally pay your every bill


When we do the work, here are some things clients notice right off the bat:


“It helped focus my business out of the dabbling I was doing, to hone in on my niche and produce trainings and content ONLY for them, which saw an increase of over 400% in sales.”

– Cheryl, Ketogenic Health Program teacher


“My marketing is SO much easier, because the lesson plan, newsletter and social feed content you created give my team material for years. The automations are paying off big time, thanks!”

– Kenneth, Men’s Circle leader


“I tended to overwhelm my students as a college professor and knew I needed help when I wanted to create a training for private clients. You showed me exactly what to prune out and what to leave in, how to present the material so students deeply got it, and it greatly increased usability. Big thanks!”

– Rebecca, Psychologist


“I’ve never taught before and I was scared to. But I knew my Signature Program was the most important thing I was ever going to do. I appreciated how you got me to say more than I thought I ever knew and untangled the process I was using with clients. Now I know I have 7 steps, not the 19 I came in with! Seeing the lesson plan was such a relief, and the teaching points, benchmarks & worksheets. You made it walk-through simple, Maryam.

– Queen, Publishing Mentor


“My kids are talking to me again because I actually have time to be with them now. My husband doesn’t think I’m a flake anymore. Can I thank you twice for this one? I proved it! The first year’s profits from just this one Program were enough to go to Fiji on. I can’t believe I just wrote that. I want to do this again. When can we start?”

– Sati, Somatic Wellness Coach



I would love to chat with you about how I can help you craft your high-earning, people-helping Signature Program, Class or Workshop. This is both the way you get out of trading dollars for hours and how you get people to change.

What if you can get your folks “there” but DON’T have a really solid grip on the “how”?

No problem! I’ve been creating transformational processes for over twenty years! I’ll gift you the specific steps to use with YOUR SUBJECT & CONTENT, to empower the transformation they’ll thank you for. I’ll help you create your class, program or workshop in a way that:

  • Sounds just like you talking
  • Uses the integral pieces of the way you take students through a learning journey
  • Inspires, informs and guides your students to take desired actions
  • Incorporates the latest research, techniques
  • Can incorporate video and interview scripts for you to follow or use as templates
  • Highlights the key learnings and objectives in ways your Perfect Students find helpful and are easily tolerated.
  • Positions the rest of your business as a further solution to their needs
  • Leaves the world a better place for the light and love your transformed students bring

And as we craft your Signature Program for both sales and helping your community, if you need a sales page for your program, or email sequence written or tweaked, I’m your clued-in magical marketing copywriter.


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“Ok, but why on earth would I need a Copywriter or Instructional Designer?”

You want your Signature Program to blend seamlessly with the rest of your online communications. With my background in Mythic Branding standing for you, I’ll hammer out the kinks and knotty bits, smooth over rough passages to make sure you’re communicating clearly, and targeting the right people in a way that makes them feel special, understood and fully “seen”.

They’ll get that you Care – so much! They’ll understand that you are the one to help them with their needs and that your course, program or workshop will be the right choice for them. No doubt, no haggling. They’ll become your students because they know you are a Fit for them.

“So who are YOUR Dream Clients, Maryam? Are you a fit for Me?”

My Dream Clients are heart-centered, mission-driven entrepreneurs who live the Change they want to see in the world, and uplift others as a daily practice. You’re a therapist, teacher, marketing professional, charity, doctor, chiropractor, health coach, business coach or healer.

Is this you? You’ll know if you:

  • Are the one people turn to for information, support or validation in a crisis
  • Have mad skills and talents that people marvel at
  • Have an edge that some view as weird but others ADORE
  • Have a special kind of mojo people just freakin’ CRAVE
  • Have a Waiting List of clients you can’t get to because there’s “only one of me”

And if you have a book, DVD, product or training experience that’s knocked it out of the park for folks but…you’re not a writer, and you know it could be better.

Or, you have the idea in your head, have done some of the initial research to know it’s viable, and need a Wisdom Partner to help you see it to fruition. If one or more of these fit, we might just be a match made in heaven.


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“You’re right, I guess I do need some help! What are the possibilities?”

Let’s get your message out into the world in a Signature Program, Class or Workshop designed to inspire and transform those you work with. I’ll hold your hand the whole way through the conception, design, and packaging, and in the end you’ll have an evergreen product you can use to change the world AND spin income for years to come.

I love helping you tease out just the right lessons, exercises, and workshop materials. You can choose between a luscious “Done With You” VIP Day (virtual only) where we spend the day together, we balance your energy, dive into the details of your training course, and you walk away with a finished Signature Program at the end.

Opt for my “Done For You” Package if you’ve just had it with this course or workshop creation stuff, can afford to throw money at it, and are frustrated as hell that your knowledge and experience is staying locked inside you for yet another year…or two or more even.

This is where I’ll take it all off your plate and write the whole thing – in your voice, using your genius and lived lessons to teach and inspire.

No matter what option you choose, you and your Dream Clients win. Book a chat and lets get you some clarity and help on this.

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“OMG, I want IN! But…how much is it?”

Investment in designing your teaching system depends on what you want to create and how much of the work you want to do yourself, but starts at $1200 for a simple workshop, and works with your budget.

“Ok, sounds good! But what does that get me?”

Again depends on the training you want to create, but everything from a 2-hour Intro Workshop/Info Session to a 6 Month or more training.  Items always included are:

  • Class benefits list and rationale (for writing your own sales page)
  • Comprehensive Lesson Plan – includes benchmarks, objectives, teaching points and accountability points
  • Marketing outtakes, calls to action, social media posts and advertising blurb
  • All the Modules! Rich, multimodal content with your videos, or others as researched
  • Two revision cycles

Other things people have liked that I include are speaking notes, entire social media campaigns, tests and quizzes, and other custom adds. What do YOU need? Just ask. I’m down to inject the awesome either in your existing materials, or help you create them from scratch!

A Nice Bonus Others Don’t Have:

You’re hiring thirty years of experience as a personal and marketing psychologist, business coach, mainstream educator, and spiritual teacher that you can’t get elsewhere. I get you like few others will, and my methods will ensure that I’m speaking directly with YOUR voice, in a uniquely brandable way. And it’s backed up with research and a degree in Curriculum and Instruction – technical training in how to organize classes and write lesson plans so students get the maximum benefit.

One of my masters is in teaching and instructional design, while the others are in psychology both of people and of sales, which helps you clarify your teachings plus get them out to the public in a tasty, appealing way.

Schedule a chat with me to talk about it & we’ll provide your students fun, exciting classes and workshops that will be used, remembered and referred to for years! Which creates referred and repeat customers and clients.


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See what you did there? Fabulous! 😎