These are words from kind folks I’ve worked with who valued my abilities to help them change their lives, dump stress and toxic situations, dissolve blocks and limits, tease out their core messages, author courses, optimize learning systems & assorted other magic.

“Maryam made it so easy to get my health in order (a TALL order, believe me!) and step back from 100% management in my business. I loved the Success DNA work and because of it, I am able to help more people, so profits are up! I was able to step back due to the team Maryam helped me put in place. Best of all though, for the first time in years, I sleep through the night now. You have no idea just how important that is. Maryam, my family, my body and my very cells thank you.

– Karen Sondergaard, Health Coach & Yoga Studio Owner at

“Maryam Webster has been my business coach for almost a year now, and I am blessed to have her in my life. Maryam’s ability to quickly nail down the core issue I am facing, even when difficult for me to verbalize, is amazing. Maryam is caring, direct, extremely resourceful and friendly. My favorite part is that she breaks down everything to make it EASY and doable. I love that a lot. After each session with Maryam, I feel empowered and ready to go!

Maryam has a huge variety of tools she skillfully combines with gentle feminine wisdom and support, for you to get the results you need. Before I started coaching, I was a serious procrastinator. But with Maryam in my corner – forget about it! She will keep you accountable, and hold space for you  as a powerful creator. And that is GOLD.”

Thank you, Maryam!

Zhanna Shpits – Success Coach for Loving Moms with Dreams at

Tina Forsyth, Business Scalability & Sanity Strategist, Developer of the Certified Online Business Manager program:

“I have to admit, I never wanted to hire a copywriter because I’m so darn picky. I have a specific voice in my writing and I HATE overly ‘promo-ey’ marketing language that so many copywriters employ (gag.) BUT I found myself needing to create a sales letter for a new program and not having the time or energy to get it done myself.

So I reached out to Maryam and hot damn – she knocked my socks off!

I was on a relatively tight timeline and she was willing to jump in with me to make it happen quickly. After just one call she totally got my voice – my vibe – and understood deeply the message I was wanting to share which she turned into a brilliant piece of copy.

Maryam’s writing gift, combined with a deep understanding of the industry, makes her one of those rare people who don’t just write copy, but who create words that matter and speak to the soul of the person they are intended to serve.

I can’t wait to cook up more projects together and highly recommend Maryam for any project big or small!


Tabitha Jester, Primal Pleasure Priestess and mentor had this to say of our beautiful work together:

“I came to Maryam stuck and unsure about my marketing plan and sales pages, seeking clarity on my offer and marketing copy. Am I ever glad I did! Mentoring with Maryam has been fantastic for really getting my magic happening – I DEFINITELY recommend her!”

Britt Bjørgård, Founder, Teacher and spiritual leadership coach at Sat Narayan Ku Kundalini Yoga in Oslo, Norway, had one word “Inspiration!”

“Maryam is a powerful coach who brings deep wisdom, unique passion and a big heart into her work.

After each conversation I feel inspired and propelled to take action towards fulfilling my vision. She is well prepared with a ton of tools in her coaching toolkit, so I leave with an action plan, great tips and and clarity about what my next steps are — always way more than I expected. Maryam’s coaching is a space of love and compassion that brings great growth.”

Drs Charles and Elizabeth Schmitz, authors of Golden Anniversaries. Charles was Dean of my department at University and mentored me as I matriculated through grad school. He and Elizabeth kindly wrote a testimonial for my book Everyday Bliss For Busy Women. From the page:Testimonial for Maryam Webster's "Everyday Bliss for Busy Women" from Drs. Charles & Liz Schmitz

Dr. Fred Gallo is one of the creators of energy psychology on the bleeding edge of the human potential movement. His work defined deep reversal patterns and how to fix them. He is a past President of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and the author of numerous valuable books and research on how to help people feel completely well and healthy.

This testimonial is for my book Everyday Bliss for Busy Women, from its page at Amazon:

Publisher Ron Ball

This testimonial is for my book Everyday Bliss for Busy Women, from its page at Amazon by Inroads publisher, Ron Ball. Inroads published a related book, Freedom At Your Fingertips on the EFT Tapping technique. I was a featured author, writing the coaching chapter on overcoming and Blockages and Obstacles in life and business.

Gloria Arenson – Multiply-published author, past President of the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) and trauma therapist working with armed service Veterans, wrote the sweetest letter recommending me to her colleagues

“Before working with Maryam, I had blocks around reaching out to people to promote my work. Even though I knew intellectually that my work was valuable, on a deeper level I couldn’t help feeling that reaching out was a burden or imposition on people. I could reach out, but it was difficult.

I avoided marketing for a long time (which meant that sometimes I didn’t reach people in time for them to promote certain events). This, of course, kept my business small.

It was easy and comfortable to work with Maryam, and there was a real beauty how the session unfolded. I was moved by the magical and organic images and insights that she elicited from within me. Through those images and insights—and the bodily shifts that accompanied them—I felt a fundamental transformation in how I experienced reaching out to people. I got on a body level what I had been trying to convince myself to believe for so long.

After working with Maryam, I was able to reach out to many more people asking them to promote my work. Even better, I was able to do it easily and without fear, feeling deep in my body that my services are a gift to the world. For one event, I went from having 20 people enrolled to enrolling 120 people—all in the course of one week!

While the outer cause of this was my own action and commitment (including the commitment that caused me to step into a session with Maryam), the inner work with Maryam played a huge role in shifting my energy around the whole situation… and was key to making those results possible. Even more importantly, this transformation in my energy is something that I will carry forward into all my business interactions and events—and that is valuable beyond words.

If you are stuck in a thought pattern, habit, or situation that is holding you back, I highly recommend working with Maryam. Her results are powerful, fast, and life-altering.”

– Emmeline Chang, Writer and Coach at


“I had been making some really great changes in my diet – I was and am really proud of myself – but I knew I wasn’t done. I gave up wheat and started eating organic and that was all lovely and all, but the thing that was felling me was dairy. Specifically, cheese.

I wasn’t one of those, “Oh my God, I could *never* give up cheese” people. I have no doubt that I can do anything I want.

But I was honestly afraid.

I was literally afraid of giving it up.

The idea made me… scared. Sad.

I realized that this was not a very evolved perspective. No-one can make you feel inferior without your consent, right? Yeah, well no brie should make me scared and sad without my consent.

So while I was talking to Maryam anyway, I brought up the cheese thing.

48 hours later I gave it up.

No sad. No scared.

It’s been three weeks. I haven’t touched dairy. (OK, that’s not true. I had a sip of my husband’s coffee with cream in it. But that’s ’cause I wanted the *coffee*.) I have not experienced a moment of sad or scared.

Thank you, Maryam. I really didn’t know that was even possible. I love you.

– Naomi Dunford, Small Business Marketing whiz at


“Just finished an AMAZING coaching session with the Queen of Living Your Purpose, Maryam Webster! We covered so much that I’m excited to get working on. And yes, she’s pulling me outside my comfort zone, but that’s what a good coach does (and what I regularly do with my own clients).

You can’t do it all, and you can’t do it without that support and accountability. Thanks Maryam!”

– Katy Tafoya, creator of the Constant Chatter on-line community, internet marketing consultant and social media maven at


“Maryam Webster is a highly experienced telesummit producer, interviewer and guest. I highly recommend her as a mentor. She was one of the pioneers of the telesummit model, with one of the first charity-based telesummits to aid the Indonesian tsunami survivors in 2004 – she really knows the ropes!

I have known Maryam for years, and she is wise, innovative, business-savvy, and one of the most compassionate and giving friends and colleagues I’ve ever met. I have personally been a guest of her telesummits and a host who interviewed her for my recent Venus Evolution Global Telesummit.

With Maryam’s advice, I was able to maximize the accessibility of the upsell I promoted to my listeners, with just a few tweaks in language. Maryam did an expert interview of me for the ending of my Venus Evolution event, and pointed out several ways I could use to tweak and hone that call to produce more sales. It took her years of experience in running profitable events to bring out these subtle yet very easy profit boosters. Thank you Maryam!”

– Hueina Su of, Author & Host of the Venus Evolution Global Telesummit


Coaching with Maryam helped me to exit the “witness protection program” I’d put myself into where I was hiding from big clients, and create a plan to build on my expertise so I can help more people while staying in integrity with my values and myself.

Her insight allowed me to give myself permission not to follow the script. I feel re-energized and excited about moving forward in a bigger way.”

– Michelle Shaeffer, Social Media coach for Entrepreneurs
Global Social Media Managers Association Expert at

Maryam’s 2019 note: Today, years later, Michelle is one of the most successful multipreneurs in coaching. So proud!


“Maryam is a phenomenal resource brimming with life-shifting information and gorgeous energy. As an author of self-help books, I’ve done a lot of personal growth work, and read about even more. I’m blown away by my experiences with Maryam.

The energy work she so lovingly facilitates is the missing piece for me around very old and very subtle issues that have otherwise remained unchanged.

I cannot recommend Maryam’s work highly enough, especially for artists, writers, and leaders who have evolved to a high level of consciousness and are ready for the next level of support.

– Jennifer Louden, best-selling author of the Comfort Queen books at


I credit Maryam Webster as one of the most significant teachers and mentors in my life as a coach. She trained and certified me as an Energy Coach in 2005 as I was embarking on a new career as an entrepreneur. She provided the framework to guide me as I developed my practice, plus taught me many of the modalities I continue to use in my work with private clients.

Maryam is an exceptional communicator and creative soul. She has a lovely voice and does great teleconferences, radio and phone coaching. Maryam is also a prolific writer, communicates clearly and is especially internet savvy.

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, just follow what Maryam is up to. If you are a holistic-minded professional seeking gentle ways to be empowered and boosted energetically, she is likely to have a perfect solution for you and your business.”

– Betsy Muller, Board Member, The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and principle at


Lisa Garr, host of LA’s popular “The Aware Show” likened Maryam’s teachings to those of spiritualphilanthropist John Assaraf, hailed “The ETHOS Method is truly elegant – combining ETHOS with energy tapping really works to shift stuck energy and emotional issues to bring what we want into being.”

– Lisa Garr, Award-winning Hay House radio interviewer & community mentor at


Andy Wibbels, Director of Marketing at Lucidworks and author of BlogWild: A Guide To Small Business Blogging, said on publication of Everyday Bliss For Busy Women:

“I love Maryam. She is a trusted colleague, a trusty resource and a great friend. Maryam takes a background in the therapeutic arts paired with a foundation as an academic, and pushes forth in celebrating, investigating and instructing her clients in how to chop down big obstacles into the little pebbles they really are. Full of heart, knowledge, passion and process, you should really call her in the next five minutes.

In addition to a keen sense of design and marketing acumen, Maryam’s an expert on the full palette of energy and healing practices and is always my go-to when I need the low-down on the latest techniques to bubble up from the spiritual and healing underground. She’s traveled through every spiritual tradition I can think of, and is an expert at cooking things down to their easiest graspable essence.

On a personal level, she’s one of my own fellow travelers as we’ve built our businesses in parallel together (and a long-time blogger to boot!). Plus, she’s just a freakin’ gem. You must get this book!

– Andy Wibbels, Author and Director of Marketing, LucidWorks


When Maryam brought the ETHOS Method to Paris, attendees were pleasantly surprised at how different yet familiar it was. Just listen to Infertility expert Anne, an EFT Practitioner, and her husband Jerome, a talented osteopath (who saved Maryam’s back!) on their experience

– Anne Adum Boisard, Women’s Fertility expert at, providing ETHOS For Infertility, in London & Paris



My deepest gratitude to you Maryam, for so generously presenting The ETHOS Method to us in your Paris intensive workshop. I love it! You have brought together the very best in healing techniques and streamlined them into a beautifully simple and finely-honed modality which is comprehensive and deeply effective.

The wonderful part about it is that it’s so easy to teach people. This is one of the criteria by which I choose to use a technique – the ability to bring it quickly and easily to my clients. We all felt perfectly confident about using ETHOS by the time you finished. In fact, many of us experienced transformation there and then.

I am raring to go and bring it to my therapy clients. The whole workshop was a joyful one, enriching, relaxed and fun – everyone needs to experience this kind of work!

– Dr. Bronia Fuchs-Willig, PhD
Senior Lecturer at The Sorbonne, University of Paris


“Maryam is an entertaining, informative & vibrant speaker. The simple & effective tools she offered to improve our health and increase everyday bliss where fun and easy to learn. I loved how relaxed, yet with a sense of purpose they left me feeling!

Maryam’s expert knowledge combined with her warm & welcoming personality will be inspirational to any group that wants to enjoy life more fully.

– Christel Arcucci, Yoga Coach & Mentor,


“I felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to be personally coached by Maryam. I was working on lack of focus and direction with my niche in energy coaching and had some really good shifts with that. But – my family was making a heck of a lot of noise outside of my home office, and I was feeling very irritated and distracted.

I am very impressed that I had the shifts that I did with my mind so distracted. I fully planned to let my family know that I was disappointed with their thoughtlessness, but there was nothing left of that when the session was done!

This is not usual for me and it feels so good to have completely let it go. Thank you again, Maryam!”

– Liz Lichti, The Way To Bliss Coaching at


“Wow, Maryam, I feel so energized and purpose-filled after our session today! With such gracious ease, you took me through a process that completely changed the way I was feeling when we began the call. I went from feeling heavy and depressed to feeling as if I could flit and fly with the butterflies. What a transformation! You have the amazing ability to integrate all your wisdom into a session which touched my mind, body and spirit. In joy, gratitude and deep appreciation,

– Martha Mayo, Certified Energy Coach and Bodyworker 


“Maryam’s eye-opening presentation to the Silicon Valley Capital Club on client acquisition & women’s health was uplifting, humorous and enlightening. Maryam communicated a complex topic with enthusiastic evangelism and professorial expertise, answeringquestions with style, grace and good humor. At the end, we all knew how to upgrade our health and wellbeing, and use it to pack our businesses full. This is a talk that should be shared! Maryam would be a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, content-rich, one-of-a-kind speaker.”

– Gloria Sheridan, Director, Silicon Valley Capital Club Women’s Business Series at


“Maryam’s program: “Your Worst Professional Challenges Eliminated, Instantly” intrigued me. The tools to reprogram my negatives into positives that she shared made my year! Maryam presented real solutions for day-to-day dilemmas with infectious humor and high energy, inviting the entire audience to be active participants so that we really got it at deep levels. That gesture was a brilliant way to underscore her theme of self-care. I’ve incorporated these plus methods from Maryam’s book Everyday Bliss for Busy Women into my daily life with amazing results!”

– Mary Knippel, Creativity Mentor at


“It is with great pleasure that I recommend the consulting services of Maryam Webster. I have known Maryam for the past few years and have worked closely with her in the capacity as an eLearning consultant.

We chose to work with Maryam because of her vast experience as a teacher-trainer, and in learning community design. We leveraged her expertise to set up an online training site and four training programs that will be used on a worldwide basis for our corporation. She did so on time, under budget and with a very high degree of quality.

In my experience of working with Maryam, I found her to be extremely professional, knowledgeable, customer-focused and passionate. Maryam is a talented consultant who would be a positive asset to any organization.

– Amy Reichanadter, PhD Senior Vice President, Human Resources at E2Open Inc.


“Maryam’s ability to guide and to heal is phenomenal. She has helped not only me, but my clients, to achieve real, lasting change in our lives. Her wisdom and her technical ability with subtle energies are truly remarkable, not only on the coaching and therapeutic level, but also on the intuitive level.

I highly recommend her work!”

– Suzanne Falter, Platform and Publicity expert at


“Maryam was so gentle, so connected and so right next to my heart…she enabled me to tap directly into what was holding me back, what was keeping me stuck and keeping me from my power. I could feel the difference right after the session and onward…it’s been an amazing process to be in a state of consciousness, in a state of unconditional love, to have all my energy at my fingertips and be fully present at this powerfully transformative time.”

– Coco Fossland, Director of The Trust Leadership Institute at



“Maryam combines her knowledge and expertise in a way that makes you believe that 1+1 equals infinity. Her ability to help students transcend previous limitations is incredibly effective.

As an instructor in the Graduate School of Coaching, she was deeply insightful, a brilliant teacher, and had a way of adding value to each person she interacted with. As a content developer and coach, she brings a fresh perspective to each design and client. I’m delighted to recommend Maryam!”

– Donna Steinhorn, Executive Vice President, Coachville LLC, Dean of the Thomas Leonard Coaching School and Director of Corporate Communications, ACE at


I am so very happy to endorse Maryam Webster’s “Certified Energy Coach” training at The Energy Coach Institute. Over the years I’ve observed all the great things Maryam has been doing to educate and serve others with energy therapies and have noted that everything she puts her name to is cutting edge and of excellent quality.

As expected, Maryam’s Certified Energy Coach program has it all, everything anyone looking for energy technique training and coaching concepts needs to begin or enhance their practice. In the nine weeks of the program, there are many additional teleclasses with experts in the field of energy therapy and coaching, weekly Mastermind group meetings where participants expand and enhance their new skills, practice sessions with buddies, plus an extensive, thorough manual, assignments that foster understanding.

This program represents a rich variety of resources, readings, and experiences that would take an individual years to gather on his/her own.

I am also impressed with the quality of the teachers, especially their expertise, understanding, and willingness to help students. They made something which could have been daunting for some, fun, interesting, and quite doable. Considering the vast amount of material in this course, that is an accomplishment. If you are already a coach, counselor, or therapist, this class will add so much to what you are now doing. There are so many possibilities open to your clients with the use of Meridian, Chakra, and Intentional therapies that the word will soon travel that you are the one to go to for rapid results.

The energy techniques Maryam teaches in the CEC program are among the best and most effective. A wonderful new addition to my work is the ETHOS Method that Maryam created and developed. It has become “the” process I use in every session.

If you are looking for a new career or to enhance your present one, this is the place for you. I’s been a pleasure for me to be a part of, to share with others and to converse and co-mingle with some really interesting new friends and practitioners with whom I’ll maintain contact with for years to come.

– Carole Seaver, MA, NCC, EFT-ADV, D.CEP, CEC – Principal at

“Maryam is a delightful and insightful coach. Her straightforward, compassion and light-heartedness guides you in the direction of your dreams no matter what situation she is coaching or supporting you.

If you are stretching to reach big goals…Maryam is the one to coach you there.

– Jerrie Hildebrand, Principal and Creative Director,, Salem, MA



“Maryam is a superb mentor and masterful coach who helped me accomplish things I never would have thought possible. She has such wisdom as well as the strength to never let the client take the easy way out.

Maryam has truly helped me change my life and evolve my business. I cannot imagine having achieved greater success!”

– Kim Nishida, CEO at Ready To Evolve Entrepreneurial Success at



“After “The Secret Skeptic” class, I am now a HUGE Maryam Webster fan. She does a great job of straddling the woo-woo with the practical.

And I’m so glad Maryam spoke to how the Law of Attraction isn’t just about getting ‘stuff’. It’s a path of deep personal unfoldment and enrichment.


– Nancy Tierney, Head Coach at


“The Secret Skeptic class with you and Andy Wibbels was amazingly helpful!

Thanks for opening the dialogue Maryam, and giving us a real how-to. I’ve been focusing on making mental shifts and this call really revved up my evolution.

Thanks to you both!”

– Lynn Ward, M.Ed., author, Thriving After 50