If you’ve reached this page, you’re probably looking for or interested in finding out about the more esoteric teachings I offer for life and business.

I help you shake your personal shackles, release blocks and transform traumatic history that messes things up. Through our work together, you’ll be able to rev your energy at will, let your spirit soar, and do things you never could before. Since I healed myself of paraplegia, I’m happy to help you deal with physical and health issues, especially the ones others haven’t been able to help.

You’ll have the full range of my professional training and career as a transformational psychotherapist, fifteen year shamanic apprenticeship to Missouri medicine man Corliss “d” deLarm, plus studying and teaching eight different forms of energy healing and being a transformation process innovator — all of that brought to bear against your most tangled of situations.

Choose from the following forms, or book a chat and we’ll design a program, just for you.

Journey Flower Coaching  – these sessions focus on advanced spiritual development: Clearing the Deadwood from your life, Good-Parenting your Inner Child so self-sabotage doesn’t happen, and Unhelpful States Recoding to function at higher levels, for starters. For therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, TCM doctors, medical personnel, social workers, earth mysteries clergy, shamanic practitioners and energy healers, coaches, yoga teachers and other helping professionals.

Journey Flower is a confidential and respectful growth gym customized to your needs, with a preset of bringing “Ease, Grace and Joy”.

My Inner Child to yours – this “messy middle” we’re all in is the perfect place to create The Awesome you were born for. Let’s play! Play equals effortless & joyful creation…

You can use JourneyFlower sessions to make personal strides (you will anyway), to consult on business or personal growth best practices, or to request customized energy medicine & spiritual transformation techniques.

My therapist clients often use JourneyFlower sessions to triage & troubleshoot a difficult client situation and develop a plan of action, complete with transformation processes we’ll co-create, right in the session.

How will you use this Sacred Space container, dedicated to your graceful, supported growth?


“I needed qualified input on incorporating Wise Woman ways into my therapy and coaching practice. Maryam had been recommended by several colleagues and the magic we cooked up together blew my clients away. We whipped up my own brilliant Signature Program in her Teach To Inspire workshop, and I’ve continued spiritual business coaching over the last three years in Journey Flower. Working with Maryam has dramatically increased the numbers of clients I sign. I’m running a waiting list for the first time in nine years. Plus I’m happy, have space and time to spare, and with the tools I’ve learned, can nip illness in the bud. Maryam has heart & wisdom you won’t find elsewhere. Book her.”

~ Constanza G,  Goddess Within Therapist & Sacred Dance Teacher



Flow Phase – Energy Coaching for everyone, where a need is addressed using the tools of transformative magic, sound, far-seeing and energy medicine to break up stagnation, rev up your energy and reveal your mojo.

Psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi’s research on the Flow State as an antidote to overload, frustration and anxiety, informs and guides these sessions.

This package is a spiritual lift and practical boost of sparkling fresh energy and crap-clearing, just when you need it. Includes a full recording of each  session and my own special take-home techniques to slide into the ease and grace of Flow, anytime.


“My grandmother did laying on of hands so I knew about energy healing, but I didn’t know it could clear years of bad luck and illness. I hired Maryam because I was dealing with paralysis like she did, and I knew she made herself walk again. I wanted that kind of magic, and her Flow Sessions didn’t disappoint!

We not only worked on my physical body but also Flow in the rest of my life. I’m walking fine now, got a great new apartment & am happily dating a wonderful guy. I also left the job & started a company with my best friend. We’re doing great! The Flow Sessions were totally the key to unlocking brilliance & happiness I had in me all along. Thanks Maryam!”

~ Jude Franklin, Artist & Business Owner



Rune Readings & Sacred Salt Scrying – When you can’t see the forest for the trees,  need to know more and extend your vision to comprehensively deal with an issue. No-holds-barred insights using Elder Futhark Runes combined with the Cambridgeshire folk tradition of Sacred Salt Scrying.

The Elder Futhark Runes bring in practical, condensed and no-nonsense knowledge you need without the fluff and over-generalizations that clutter other types of readings. The info is direct, not sugar-coated, immediately useful and incisive. The answer can be brief, or nuanced and extended until everything you need to know is in front of you.

Salt, Nature’s own six-sided dice, is used in a sacred scrying format to provide both startling clarity and additional knowlege on your issues, plus intrinsic clearing & purification of what no longer serves you.

The format is absolutely unique to my training in the Cambridgeshire fens, and is not offered by anyone else.


“I love Maryam’s Sacred Salt Scrying & Rune Readings! I’ve had hundreds of readings from others, but NEVER like Maryam’s. Nobody beats her accuracy – it’s a little scary, but in a good way. Maryam’s readings have saved me from making disastrous mistakes in my business several times. If you’re on the fence, just do it. Once you get over how pinpoint they are, you’ll love the results!” 

~Maddie Underwood, Psychotherapist & Clinic Owner


*** All first bookings happen by chatting first, then an invitation to work together if it feels like a fit. If you’re not sure what you need and would like to talk about it, hit me up for a brief one-on-one below.