I created this sacred container to empower and strengthen You, to make your business sing and most importantly: get more people helped with your genius, passions & skills.

This is the Bespoke Bliss Liberation Training you’ve been waiting for.

And it’s Free!

Tell your friends, because you’re going to get a whopper of an Energy Update to your system, but updates on the original Everyday Bliss material that will quantum leap you further than you’ve ever been..and help everyone on the planet to do exactly the same thing. We’re Evolving here!

Get in the door, now for special pre-class fieldwork you’ll love plus the energy healing chapter set from Everyday Bliss for Busy Women!! B

To get this party started, we’re going to: 

  • reprise some juicy highlights of the original Telesummit
  • provide expert tutorial in and update the techniques Energy Coaches use to best effect today
  • the new & better ways like my ETHOS Method, Phoenix Effect Process and Energy Magic

Plus, you’re going to get:

  • Deep soul journeys to Source…
  • Clearance of old baggage & blockages …
  • My time-tested Primal DNA in Family Constellations work…
  • 10 Grand Master level teachers giving you their best lessons of all time

Hands On Methods That Work

In over twenty years in the Energy Psychology / Energy Healing / Magic field, I've seen techniques come and go, and have constantly refined the work I do to be sleek, powerful, portable and invisible in use. You'll love it!

Completely Updated

Everyday Bliss was dated on the day it first published, May 1, 2008. I only spotlight techniques that are free and easy. Those that are now restricted to a high entry price, I've removed and refreshed the entire manuscript with the newest cutting edge mojo for lasting change.

Just For You

For every busy, chronically behind and fatigued woman out there, even more powerful transformation processes, formulated to empower your Inner Journey. You'll enjoy letting go of programming that's controlled you for years, and creating the harmonious Present and Future you want!

EVERYONE gets the Bliss Fix Rx Package of live interviews with 48 hour replay. To extend and deepen your experience and release what keeps your Blissful life and business from finding you, choose the Energy Coach or Evolutionary Leader package.

Note: This is not a “one time only offer”, you can come back any time and choose any of these packages. Please note that due to my personal involvement, there is a strict limit of 25  Evolutionary Leader Packages available. If you can still hit the link, there is a package left. 🙂

The Bliss Fix Rx

Free Live Listen + 48 hour replays, online and a free Bliss Challenge!

  • All the new 2018 Interviews & LIVE Energy Work
  • Special Goodies from your Energy Coaches
  • Entered to win a BlissFix Session with Maryam

The Energy Coach

Everything in the BlissFix package plus downloads of all segments and:

  • Special Interview with EFT Tapping Creator, Gary Craig
  • JUICY Bonus Workbook
  • Library of Old Beliefs Guided Process
  • Entered to Win a BlissFix Session

Evolutionary Leader

Limit: 25 Everything in BlissFix & Energy Coach package

  • PLUS: The powerful 2008 interviews
  • Your Authentic High-Value Voice training, an $800 value
  • A Virtual Private BlissFix Session with Maryam Limit: 25