Hey, Passionately Opinionated Woman Entrepreneurs & Helping Professionals…

Have you reached midlife and feel Out Of Gas?

Like you simultaneously hold all the
cards but feel you don’t have options?

Like you want…something more?

Like, way more. And you’re tired of feeling funky symptoms, tired of being tired, tired of your job or business, of your relationship, maybe even tired of your friends or children. Yeah, don’t worry, that’s normal. And I got you.

I’m Maryam Webster – Freedom Fighter,
Fear Slayer & Luck Spinner

The freedom I’m fighting for is yours. My ninja skill is teaching you to completely eliminate anything standing between you and the comfort and success you desire (including physical comfort and being healthy) and a legacy to leave your kids and the world, that you can be proud of.

Plus, I stand by you 100% of the way, and hold your hand if necessary. Sometimes it’s scary business, and you need a hand held – no dishonor in that. But PS…my ninja skills and thirty years experience as a transformational therapist helps you kick the scary too.

How? By launching a Life-Changing Movement
or a Big Project that Helps and Heals the World

It’s the people who focus on helping others – the world changers and movement launchers – that really gain traction, and get what they want out of life, including getting what they want out of business. When you focus 100% on helping others, it’s amazing the strength and speed with which people, situations and resources simply fall into line as if you ordered them ahead of time. Which…you did. That’s part of the magic we do together. And I want you to get this, and get it to your core because too many people are crying out for your help. Help only you can give.

Honestly, you don’t have time to sit on that pretty posterior a moment longer.


The world needs you too badly for you to sit on the sidelines! At midlife, you’re in what I call “the power years” where you have greater wisdom, capital and available time than ever before, and by virtue of your valuable experience, can be of great help in the world.

If you’re not feeling it anymore for your job, business, relationships or surroundings, then I’d like to help you to reboot and use both life and business to do great good in the world.

I’ll help you use what you already know to get well paid, LOVE what you do, and ditch whatever is holding you back. 

To help, I have a cool present for you…

Welcome to my extra-meaty (yet vegetarian), gluten-free, vitamin enriched A-Z Guide to running a successful business as a conscious, Evolutionary Leader. You’ll get the Guide along with my personal secrets for ditching symptoms, raising energy, plus training, classes & tips to rock your business and change the world. Put your deets in here to grab it now:

Here’s Why You Need This:

At this time of our lives, women in business have more knowledge, more capital built up, have great expertise to share and likely as not are pissed off at something we see wrong in the world and want to do something about it.

That awareness and upset you feel at pollution spoiling your children’s future, the fact that kids go hungry every day and others don’t get any schooling or have shoes to wear and that some women don’t have safe homes to live in and rents are impossible to afford to live in the same city you work in…plus the privilege you have as a business owner, gives you the responsibility to speak up and do something about it.

Plus which, using your life and business as the solution to problems you see around you is not only deeply fulfilling, but makes your ideal clients who have the same concerns love you, form a line to your door, AND helps and heals our world.

Win-Win-Win. Who doesn’t love a triple win?  

Lead An Evolutionary Movement and Guide Your Tribe To Glory shows the way in terms of being a Leader that is herself, Conscious and Evolving, as well as the catalyst who helps others to evolve with style, panache and flair. What are you waiting for? Get in here!