If you’re a professional woman or business owner 40-65 in the “power years”, hungry for Change, Reinvention or even a whole New Life…

You’re in exactly the right place!

Particularly if you have health or business issues and feel stymied, stuck, and like there’s no way out…

I’m Maryam Webster, and I’m here to help you Reinvent Your Life and teach you how to dissolve whatever stands in the way

I help midlife women in service oriented businesses…

  • Reinvent your ENTIRE life and/or business  from the ground up to suit your unique needs & gifts so each day is a joy
  • Deal with persistent health problems that actually end up affecting your business
  • Transform the snags in your business that likewise affect your health & happiness
  • Sweeten relationships and learn the secrets to success in midlife connection
  • Take crucial actions every day without stress
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs and Thought Viruses that keep you down, limit what you can achieve & restrict relationships
  • Finally kick your inner Mean Girl to the curb

Plus anything else you may have found near impossible to get yourself to do in times past.

Do what you’re scared to.

Take a big chance.

Follow your bliss.

If not now, when?

If you don’t have the life, health or business you want, need and deserve, you probably have “thought viruses” picked up from authority figures since the day you were born, that limit and restrict you.

Thought viruses are essentially sets of beliefs every bit as damaging and contagious as the flu. These are beliefs another person has about what we should or shouldn’t be able to do, be or accomplish in our lives. And they slip in under our radar even easier than the flu, because they are framed as kindly advice from people who love you, or are in a position of authority over you like a doctor, teacher or clergy person.

And even into our forties and fifties, they hold us prisoner to the expectations of our younger years!

i-hope-you-danceIf you’re like many of my clients, you think you really SHOULD be able to do a particular thing, but nothing you try is working. Or it only works halfway, or for just a few weeks.

And because you’re smart and on the ball, you’ve probably identified that the problem is something inside you.

If you have voices in your head saying things like:

“I’ll never make it on my own”

“I’m only able to get so far but no further” (in life or business)

“I’ll never get rid of this health issue”

“Why can’t I just ‘get it’ and get on with life/my business?”

Then my friend, you definitely have been bitten by the Thought Virus bug, and now have a whopping case of Limiting Beliefs!

And the initial “infection” happens so early in life that by the time we get to omidlife, we simply take it for granted that “it’s just the way things are”.

You may even have been to coaches and therapists trying to figure this out but…it just didn’t help like you wished it would. And all the classes in the world haven’t helped, either.

I’m an expert in helping conscious, savvy, hard working women like you, to turn years of not getting the “big thing” done around SO MUCH SO that failure becomes a thing of the past.

I’ll help you reinvent the life you wish you’d always had in the best years for being a new you!

I’ve been there , I get it, and I’ve literally spent decades of my life refining and fine-tuning my Fast Freedom Platinum Programs and private coaching to help exactly these kinds of situations.

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