Are Relationships & Sudden Changes Driving You Crazy?

WHAT IF…You Could Feel Like Yourself Again, Beat Problems And Have More Energy Naturally…Any Time You Want?

I’m Maryam Webster, and I am very glad you made it here today, because you need someone who not  only understands where you are, but can help you to feel some much needed RELIEF. Go ahead and put your name in over there on the right and download my “Keys To Jazz Up, Cool Down & End Stress” – that’ll get you started!

Like most women at midlife, you may be experiencing some pretty wacky stuff…I know I did when “The Change” started to roll in my forties and I went into peri-menopause, had my first hot flash and began experiencing all sorts of memory issues and brain fog, not to mention every relationship I had getting re-assessed. I’ll tell you what my doctor said to THAT in a minute, but I’m wondering if you:

  • Wake up tired & feel behind the curve all day, having hot flashes or sleeplessness?
  • Have energy “drop outs” in the middle of the day, barely making it until bedtime?
  • Feel a little tweaky in general, getting more irritable than usual?
  • Have challenges with every relationship, and find you just can’t tolerate B.S. any longer?
  • Are going through an active breakup or divorce with a person OR a job…and are feeling lost?
  • Get angry at yourself because you can’t remember things you feel you should?
  • Suddenly drop things and stumble over your own feet for no apparent reason?

You are not alone – there are thousands of women going through the same thing every day, even to the extent of consulting  therapist after therapist, doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist…without really getting anywhere.

But there IS hope!

What would it be like if you could…

  • Watch those hot flashes lessen by the day, allowing you to sleep through the night?
  • Wake up feeling energized, and thinking clearly throughout the day?
  • Have the exit strategy for your job or relationship in place…and get out to MUCH better?
  • Find ways to naturally relax, stay calm, and keep your cool…without drugs?
  • Weed out the destructive, set clear boundaries and revive all your relationships?

My name is Maryam Webster, and I know EXACTLY what you’re going through. I’ve been through divorce and other relationship breakup, had the memory loss, know the anguish of crazy hot flashes, the “Oh geez, what next?!”, gone through job change and weirdness of relationship overhaul, and have been scared out of my mind thinking I had Alzheimer’s because I couldn’t remember a friend’s name for a minute.

My doctor told me:

“It’s just menopause, you’ll have to learn to deal with it.”

That was an UNACCEPTABLE answer for me.

So I decided to take my health into my own hands. I had my first hot flash, said “hell no!” and implemented healing techniques from my thirty years as an energy psychologist and transformational process developer that worked – astonishingly well – and which are all natural and side-effect free. I also had my first inkling I needed to get out of my primary relationship and used some of the same techniques to make that process easier and more joy-filled than I ever thought possible.

I developed these techniques into a NEW system I use to help other women beat their symptoms, and has helped thousands of people worldwide. It’s a system that can give you relief from uncomfortable symptoms, clear your head, tune-up relationships and take back control of your body.

Would you like to learn more about this and help yourself
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