Women in the Power Years who Want to Change the World, I Am:


I’m here to help you Reinvent Your Life and Business as the solution
to the Problems you see and are passionately opinionated on.

I teach you how to dissolve whatever stands in the way to:

“Be The Change You Want to See In The World”and…

USE your life and business to take your World Changing Agenda further
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  • Reinvent your entire life and/or business  from the ground up joyfully to support the Change you want
  • Deal with persistent health problems that effect your business and prevent you from Leading the Way
  • Sweeten relationships and learn the secrets to connection success and why these are “The Power Years”
  • Take crucial actions and Lead Others without dithering, and with unshakable confidence
  • Take advantage of the unique magic women have at midlife that is stronger at no other time
  • Transform Limiting Beliefs and Thought Viruses that limit what you can achieve
  • Finally kick your inner Mean Girl to the curb & raise up the Powerful Woman Leader you truly are


The Dalai Lama at the 2009 Vancouver Peace Conference said: “Western Women will Save The World”. He said this because women in midlife surrounded him, each with an agenda to transform some sick, needy, impoverished or oppressed area of the world.

Women like You. 

So – do what you’re scared to.

Take a big chance.

Follow your bliss.

And while you’re at it….Help and Heal the world.

BTW – if you’re not there yet… don’t blame yourself. It’s really not your fault. Inner conflicts slip in under your radar causing fear, nervousness and other feelings that prevent you from being the success you deserve, and the Leader you can be.

Even into our forties, fifties and beyond, they hold us prisoner!

i-hope-you-danceIf you have voices in your head saying things like:

“I’ll never make it on my own”

“I’m only able to get so far but no further” (in life or business)

“I’ll never get rid of this health issue”

“I care about this issue but nobody will listen to me”

“Why can’t I just ‘get it’ and get on with life/my business?”

Then you definitely have been bitten by the Thought Virus, and now have a whopping case of Limiting Beliefs!

And the initial “infection” happens so early in life that by the time we get to midlife, we simply take it for granted that “it’s just the way things are”.

KICK the blocks and stoppers  and use your life and business for Good
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You may even have been to coaches and therapists trying to figure this out but…what they offered just didn’t help like you wished it would. And all the classes and self-help books in the world haven’t helped, either.

I’m an expert in helping conscious, savvy, hard working women like you, to turn around years of not getting your “big project” launched or World Changing Movement well on the path to helping folks who need it.

I’ll help you reinvent the life and business you wish you’d always had, using the skill, wisdom and experience you’ve accumulated, revved up by the extra strong energy of your “Power Years” of midlife. And I’ll help you use both life and business to make a truly needed change in your world for whatever issue you’re truly passionate about.

Does the above sound like you? Are you an opinionated woman with a passion around getting a movement or project off the ground? If so, hit me up for a Breakthrough Session to talk about collaborating on getting that Done=Done.Click here to book a Breakthrouugh Session

See you inside!