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I’m Maryam Webster, a magical wordsmith, marketing psychologist, energy healer and consciousness business owner. I’ve spent a lifetime training and honing my skills to offer you better branding and marketing copy and the personal transformations and mindshifts you need to be able to expand and scale as you need to.

My business is home to a unique blend of magical writing and happiness-creating services that get your bliss in the door, plus more clients and products sold.

Magically persuasive copywriting educates a skeptical client of your value while telling the heart-written story of your brand and what you stand for in such a way it engages both attention and the imagination. This kind of communication empowers people to connect with you and is literally, the lifeblood of your business.

Magically persuasive copy is a business megavitamin that flips the switch from sales and marketing funnels that don’t produce clients, to ones that have your people saying “OMG, you get me!” and come running in the door.

They get that, and you get them to love on and nourish with your special mojo.

But without the right copy, you’d still be looking at an empty room, wondering went wrong. Without magical messaging that persuades as it inspires, there’s nothing compelling enough there to attract those Dream Clients you seek.

I’m here to help you light the fire under your business. I take esoteric and jargon-heavy  information about your business and services, spin it to gold to tell the mythic story of the immense value of your work, and make it SING to the Beloveds you want to reach. I help you connect with your Dream Clients, and increase your revenue.

Clients typically work with me from one project to several months, to a select few I work with over the course of several years. My experience is broad and deep, and spans several layers of expertise. Typically we work on Done-For-You or Done-With-You solutions including:

  • Mythic Brand
  • Marketing Mojo
  • Savvy & Sassy Social Strategy
  • Client-Attracting Content
  • Educational Email Series
  • Teach To Inspire Courses

Plus you get gently facilitated inner work to clear any blockages or barriers to success, from my decades as a therapist and personal development process creator. It’s necessary to do the deep dive work you’ll do to discover the keys behind your true worth and the real reason you’ve been put here at this time, so it’s included in every longterm package I offer.

If your peeps don’t yet get that you’re the Diva of Amazeville they’ve been looking for, or that You are The Exact Solution they need, you may have a disconnect in communications coming from your company. You NEED the right words, in the right order to make them sit up and pay attention.

I’m uniquely qualified to help you there, and also help you over the speedbumps caused by the necessary personal growth an entrepreneur needs to do.

Especially if you’re a spiritual person, dealing with technologies of the sacred…

You’re dealing daily with different energies than the eye can see, which your clients won’t have the training or background to understand. How do you tell your Dream Clients what you’ve got under the hood, so they know the HUGE BENEFIT/S you are to them?

Because without knowing your Benefits, they can’t see why your classes, services and programs are actually a massive bargain they should scoop up right away!

I can help you surface the specific facets of brilliance your people are looking for, and write to talk to them in a way that makes them feel comfortable to engage with what you offer Talk to me about it if this looks like a fit for you:

If you’re a unique package like I am, there may not be handy words to describe what you do. So people who NEED you can’t find you.

I love helping you connect with your perfect clients heart-to-heart, through nailing your perfect Mythic Brand, writing your website to attract, your courses to teach deeply, and telling the beautiful story of your Heart-Forward business.

I am here to Empower your (r)Evolution, help you speak more deeply and effectively to your Dream Clients, and increase your own influence and income while doing the maximum good in the world.

I would truly be honored and super happy to help.

Book a conversation with me here, to talk about it: