Your epic Story of how you became the Awesome you are, is the one thing that sets you apart from other people marketing their gifts, talents and services. It grabs the right people who say “hey, I need to get in touch with that person and get into their wheelhouse!” This helps increase sales, memberships, rentals, conversions and client influx like nobody’s business. YOUR Story – really!

Can I give you an example?

The part of my story that grabs people is that I was a paraplegic, predicted to be paralyzed for life, but I made myself get up and walk, rise and soar again. (took nine years, but still)

In just that one sentence, you get a heck of a sense of my spirit, gumption, that I’m someone who perseveres and doesn’t accept no for an answer. You probably know if you like me or not, and would like hang out with me by now.

So much, communicated in just a sentence!

And that’s just a fraction of the goods on me…but this isn’t about me.

It’s about You, dear Servicepreneur dedicated to Social Justice and cause-based business. Just like you – multifaceted gem that you are. Get your epic Story finally told for marketing, legacy or publication.

I’ll be your Wisdom Guide in pulling that book, bio, marketing plan, or other project out of you and getting it on paper, to a sales page and/or in print.

I offer custom Wordsmithing for coaches, therapists and social change agents to create huge client turnarounds, socially responsible copy to energize sales and opt-ins, to ethically persuade, inform, educate and entertain in the areas of health, lifestyle, spirituality and business.

 But we’re not limited to just the types of writing described on this page. Whatever you can imagine and need in your business is what I’m here for! Get in touch, and let’s have a chat about it – book a time below: